Miss K's Eye Appointment

Miss K saw the Ophthalmologist for a follow up today.  It was a short and sweet visit thank heavens, especially after our horrible start to the afternoon.

I am ashamed to admit I had a "worst mom of the year" moment today :o(.  When getting out of the truck to head inside Primary Children's Medical Center for Miss K's eye appointment I somehow hit the "lock" button on my keys and left them on the seat, I was looking for my sling to carry her in and in my frustration of not being able to find it I shut the door her seat is next to and went around to open the other door only to find that it was locked, and so were the rest of the doors :o(.  Miss K was still inside buckled in her carseat and the keys were on the back seat next to her :o(.  I called Daddy in a panic asking him what I should do.  He had me try to open the back sliding window but it was latched shut and I was not strong enough to force it open, I got in the tool box and found a screwdriver to try forcing the window open but still couldn't get it.  We also have a slim jim in the tool box for such occasions but I have no idea how to use it so I wasn't willing to take more time working on getting in there on my own.  It was about 110 degrees outside and I could see Miss K was already getting flushed from the heat :o(.  I was parked on the far side of the building and it was quite the run, as fast as I could go, into the hospital to the security desk.  When I got inside I told the security lady that I had locked my baby and my keys in the truck, she didn't even hesitate as she got on her radio and yelled "there's a baby locked in a truck outside, get your slim jim and get your butts out there NOW!"  I told her I was sorry but I couldn't wait inside so I described our truck and where I was parked and ran back outside as fast as I could so I could watch Miss K from the windows and keep an eye on her.  I waited for about 3 minutes (though it seemed like FOREVER)  and the 3 security guards, including the lady from the desk, came running to our rescue.  It took them less than 1 minute to get the doors unlocked for me.  I was so grateful, the tears I held back through it all almost fell at my relief.  Luckily Miss K was only in that hot truck about 10 minutes before we got her out and she didn't start to panic and cry until just before security arrived to help, of course she was extremely happy to be rescued and turned out to be just fine, a bit red in the face from heat but otherwise fine.

Now on to the rest of the afternoon.  As soon as Miss K was rescued we ran in to her eye appointment.  The 1-2 hour appointment that I had anticipated turned into less than 30 minutes as they got Miss K back almost immediately and chose not to dilate her eyes since they had done that last time.  The Doctor was impressed with her yet again and reports that she is doing great and here eyes look perfect :o).  He doesn't wish to see her again unless taking her off the Amiodarone doesn't work and she ends up back on it.  I, of course, reassured him that this wouldn't happen and told him that as much as we liked and appreciated him we would be glad to not ever be back :o), he agreed.  (See Side Effects)

Then we had to head to the Pharmacy to pick up Miss K's medications.  Amazingly there was not a wait there either.  The pharmacist was still not able to explain why we're only getting 28 days out of a 30 day supply, they are baffled and couldn't tell me anything other than "hopefully this time it will stretch to 30 days like it should."  I'm not happy with them but there's really nothing I can do about it.  We left the pharmacy to sit in the hallway and give Miss K her Amiodarone since she hadn't had it in 2 1/2 days and I was instructed by her EP Cardiologist to get her dosed ASAP today when I picked up the medication.

I was amazed to be back home so quickly, we left home at 2:00pm and arrived back into town at 4:30pm.  It was a great thing though since I am still shaken up about locking Miss K in the truck in the heat :o(.