11 Months SVT Free

I should be jumping for joy, happy as ever, smiling ear to ear, joyous, etc., etc., etc....but I'm NOT.  I was all those things last month, and the month before, and the month before that.  Each month SVT free is a huge accomplishment for this little girl, don't get me wrong I am EXTREMELY grateful for these past months and I pray with everything I have that we can keep this streak going.  So why am I so down about it?

A little more than a month ago a fellow PJRT mom made the decision to take her 4 year old PJRT daughter off of all her medications, she had been SVT free for over a year and they felt it was time to see how she did on her own.  Almost 6 weeks went by of nothing but good news, I admit, I got my hopes up for her and for Miss K.  Any time a child is considered to have outgrown their PJRT I get my hopes up for Miss K's diagnosis.  Almost 6 weeks of thinking we had more hope, another PJRT child had most likely outgrown her condition.  Almost 6 weeks of no medications and her sweet mama breaks the news that her sweet little girl had been taken to the ER via ambulance having a severe SVT episode.  She was put back on her medications and sent home stable, a few days later she was taken to the ER yet again having a severe SVT episode, her medications were adjusted and she spent over 12 hours in the ER as they watched her closely to be sure she would be OK, she was sent home on a higher dose of medications than what they had ended almost 6 weeks before.  My heart broke.  This terrified me.  We are a little more than 6 months away from the date her EP Cardiologist said he would remove all medications if she stays SVT free until that date.  What if she follows the same fate this little girl did?

Earlier this week another SVT mom made note in our facebook group that her 3 year old, who has been SVT free for over a year but, like Miss K, is still medicated, had her first SVT episode and was rushed to the hospital.  Her medications had to be adjusted and she still had yet another SVT episode a day later.  This mama had been hopeful, like us, that her daughter had outgrown her SVT and they had plans to take her off of her medications in the next month or so, now it is apparent she still needs the medications and at a higher dosage.

These two very recent experiences have completely dashed my hopes.  I've always felt that we are walking on egg shells, so to speak.  I've always had the possibility of an SVT episode on my mind, though pushed back as far as I can hoping I am wrong.  Hearing about other children, who are 1-2 years older than Miss K, having such unexpected breakthrough SVT after so long being SVT free is a huge slap of reality right to my face.

Miss K is doing great.  She's still experiencing moderate hair loss occasionally, and that's the weird part it's only occasionally, I've begun to think her iron levels may be dipping from lack of proper eating when she gets into her little eating issues and being on the Propranolol during these eating issues and iron dips makes her body take a harder hit than normal which is probably why she looses a lot of hair for a week or two and then stops for a bit.  She has a cold right now, nothing serious just the sniffles and a bit of congestion, she fevered yesterday but only just a bit sitting around 99.8 degrees, a bit more tired than usual but otherwise seems fine.

IF Miss K makes it to 1 year SVT free we will be having a big party for her, no matter how long she may or may not stay SVT free, a year is wonderful and I want to make sure we celebrate it.  I will not let reality's slap to the face stop me from keeping up hope, she has beaten a lot of odds and shown her EP Cardiologist that she is a very special little girl from day one, maybe, just maybe, she will be that different case that actually has outgrown her PJRT.