Another Hypothermia Episode

Thanksgiving night, of course if Miss K is going to do something sporadic and crazy on the medical side it would be on a holiday.

Sometime around 8:00pm Miss K started acting extra sleepy.  I thought nothing of it since she had not had a nap at all through the day and it was bed time.  We were visiting my grandmother for Thanksgiving pie and Miss K suddenly climbed up on her Grandpa's lap and told him she was tired.  A few minutes later she went pale and limp and started sweating all over, my dad yelled for me to come quick, I entered the room and immediately felt her face, I'd seen her like this back in July, sure enough her face was ice cold, the house was over 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  The rest of her body was ice cold to the touch as well.  I had no real resources for keeping her comfortable and no ride back home because Daddy had just left in our car to meet someone at the house for a minute.   I could only think of one thing to get her to perk up and that was food, my grandmother offered Miss K a banana and she jumped on it, I knew she was hungry as well as tired because it had been a little bit since we'd eaten last, she devoured the banana in minutes.  After that she was awake and had more life in her but still white as snow and cold as ice, her heart was beating quite slowly, though I didn't have a stethoscope to check heart rate so I had to depend on how it felt under my hand.  Finally after a few minutes my parents decided we should head home and gave us a ride.  When we got home I quickly prepared a mini meal/snack for all the kids, Miss K didn't hardly touch it, I talked her into milk and a few bites but that was all.  It took her over an hour to get her heart rate back up and over 2 hours to get her temperature back up, she stayed pale as can be until bedtime.  And as soon as her head hit her pillow she was out cold and snoring.  We kept a close eye on her all night, she just slept like a log and barely stirred but heart rate and temperature stayed normal.

In the last 4 days since then she has had a few "off" moments, a bit pale, red around the eyes, she looks like she feels awful, but she acts completely fine, aside from some crazy mood swings that seem pretty typical for her migraine days.

So apparently Miss K may be one of the "lucky" ones who has the spontaneous hypothermia episodes every 6 months or so, considering it's been roughly 6 months since her last one.

I have not reported it to the neurologist, I'm not sure if she wants me to or not, we didn't discuss that as far as I remember.  I think I'm going to hunt down her business card and possibly shoot her an e-mail.