My PJRT Sisters and Brothers

It's 2017 and time for this year's CHD Awareness week!  I'm happy to announce a few of our PJRT brothers and sisters again this year!  Some new, some returning for a spotlight from 3 years ago, all loved and cherished by Miss K and I as dear friends.

CHD Awareness Week Day 4:

Meet Riley:
Riley was diagnosed in utero at 34 weeks gestation and born via c-section at 36 weeks.  Initial thought was SVT so he was started on Propranolol, at 4 weeks old he was in SVT for almost 24 hours, he was admitted and after failed attempts of adenosine he cardioverted himself, he was then started on Amiodarone along with the Propranolol and has been controlled since with only a few short breakthrough episodes.  He is now 14 months old and thriving.  His next appointment in March they will look to admit Riley to take him off the Amiodarone and replace it with something else.

CHD Awareness Week Day 3:

Meet Thayer
Thayer is 13 months old and was diagnosed with PJRT at 8 weeks old.  He just recently switched meds to Flecanide and is doing much better now.  Nothing slows him down, he is such a sweet boy!

CHD Awareness Week Day 2: 

Meet Liam:
Liam was diagnosed with PJRT at 2.5 years old, which happens to be just more than a month ago.  He's finally responding to the medications after numerous dosage increases, although he's still in his abnormal episodes but they've decreased significantly!  They've spoken about ablation and in March will hopefully find out more about this option for Liam.

 CHD Awareness Week Day 1:

Meet Violet:
Violet was Diagnosed with PJRT at just 4 days old.  Today they have better control over all but she is still being monitored very closely.

To be updated day by day during CHD Awareness week February 7-14, 2014.

CHD Awareness Week Day 8:

Meet Mia:

Sweet little Mia. We found out Mia had PJRT at one month old. She is two years old now.

CHD Awareness Week Day 7:

Meet Aria:

Sweet Aria was born with PJRT! Aria is a 20 month old energetic little girl! We have went through many obstacles but we take one day at a time! She is a miracle!

CHD Awareness Week Day 6:

Meet Ryann:

Gorgeous Ryann is 3 years old and was diagnosed at 2 weeks old with PJRT. She resides in Syracuse New York.

CHD Awareness Week Day 5:

Meet Olivia:

Beautiful Olivia Grace who is 18 months old now.  Olivia is from Chicago Illinois.  She was diagnosed with PJRT at 3 months old, her PJRT symptoms caused heart failure. Her heart’s function has returned to normal function as a result of gaining control of her PJRT with medications. Sweet baby is doing well on her medications. She's our tough, strong, sweet, lovable little peanut who God blessed us with!

CHD Awareness Week Day 4:

Meet Lyric:

What a ladies man!  Lyric is from Western Kansas. He was diagnosed with PJRT at one week old. On February 9th he will be exactly 16 months old and SVT free for 1 year!!  Way to go Lyric!

CHD Awareness Week Day 3:

Meet Celeste:

Cutie pie Celeste.  Celeste is 10 months old and lives in Michigan. She was diagnosed at just one month old.

CHD Awareness Week Day 2:

Meet Brielle:

Cutie Brielle is 18 months old, she was diagnosed with PJRT at 2 weeks old.  Brielle is from Utah!

CHD Awareness Week Day 1:

Meet Anneliese:

Adorable little Anneliese is 2 years old, she was diagnosed with PJRT  around 3 weeks old after being hospitalized at 12 days.  Anneliese is from Florida.

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  1. It's so wonderful to see these children as they are today... They are living miracles, and proof of God's care for us and of His goodness daily. Keep on trucking, kiddos! You're looking great! :)