Primary Children's Medical Center 8-21-11

I'm sitting here in the PICU holding my precious little girl in her most favorite position, chest to chest. This update is going to take forever to type because I'm almost doing it 1 handed but I can't bring myself to put her down for a minute.

I left Miss K with Daddy last night for a few hours and joined the Heritage Makers team at reunion at the Salt Palace, it was great to get away for a little bit, I was able to clear my mind and think of something completely different for a few hours, while also enjoying a great meal with Team Hanks :o), I am so thankful for such an awesome sponsor, she has such a big heart and was so great to get me out of the hospital and out with friends :o).

I just spent my day away from the hospital, it being Sunday, Daddy having the day off from work, Miss K taking a bottle very well and me having tons of milk stored in the freezer here we decided I needed some time with Roo. So I got up early this morning, packed up my dirty clothes and left Daddy in charge of taking care of our baby girl. I drove to my parents house and picked up Roo and all his things and took him home with me. We spent an awesome day together, nothing special at all, though I really wanted to spoil him and do nothing but play, sadly it had to be a normal routine day because of all the laundry piling up and I really needed clothes for the week. Roo didn't mind at all. He got to take a shower with me, he loves showers, and I of course was in heaven being in my own private shower taking my dear sweet time! We did laundry together all day and snuggled and watched "Open Season". We ate 2 meals together, home cooked meals :o), and took a long 2 hour nap together in my bed (yes I did spoil him a little bit and snuggled him in our bed all through naptime). I so did not want to pack up and leave when it was time!

Roo was so cute today, he kept asking where the baby was, he really wanted her with him. He also kept asking where Grandma was, that kind of broke my heart :o(. He was really excited to be home though. When I had Miss K Roo gave her a plush bunny blanket thing, when we got to the house last night he saw it there and insisted baby sister needed it, lol :o) so when I got everything packed up to go back to PCMC we had to make sure it got put in the bag as well. We came down the the hospital late this evening to trade off with Daddy and Roo insisted on carrying the bunny upstairs to PICU and gave it to her himself with a kiss on the cheek, it was adorable :o).

So now for my Miss K Report:

All day yesterday and today we just monitored her very closely, she's still on the Propanalol and Amioderone, the Amioderone is still through the IV. She did great the past 2 days only going into SVT while eating or as she was waking up from a deep sleep. The Doctors said the sleep to awake SVT is to be expected, I guess everyone normally has an accelerated heart rate when they first wake up and stretch, Miss K's is just VERY accelerated, they don't really like it but she comes out of it quite quickly, averaging only about 20 seconds in SVT before going back to normal rhythm, so they're not going to put much thought into it. She has had less and less episodes of SVT, YAY! So we have 1 or 2 more doses of oral Propanalol that will be given over night tonight and then they are thinking they will be weaning her onto the oral Amioderone tomorrow YAY! I'm so excited I can hardly think about it for fear of getting my hopes up and having it not happen. They did mention they may consider upping her Amioderone dose a tiny bit tomorrow but they don't know for sure yet, we'll see. I guess the Cardiology team never made it by to talk today, or Daddy never saw them anyway. It must be because it's a Sunday, I'm sure I'll see them tomorrow.

So now I'm on to a long and hopefully quiet few days here in the hospital alone with Miss K while Daddy gets back to work and gets to sleep in our bed and use our shower and our toilet paper and spend time with our baby boy and eat home cooked food, etc., etc., etc.

I can't stop myself from thanking all of you yet again for all your thoughts and prayers. I'm amazed at all the love we've felt from all of you, I had no idea I had so many awesome people in my life :o), thank you all for being such wonderful friends and family, I don't know what we'd do without you! Your encouragement and sympathy has been such a great help to me. Thank you!

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