Home 9-6-11

Miss K is doing great, she's being a normal eat, sleep and poop newborn baby :o). We check her heart rate daily with a stethoscope, every diaper change and/or feeding. So far since we got home she's had 5 SVT episodes that we've caught and I've been able to get her out of it very easily by blowing in her face (See Physical Maneuvers). She's cute as can be and growing like a weed! She hates getting up to eat at 12:00am or 1:00am, if I didn't have to wake her up to give her Propanolol she'd probably sleep through the night, she's really cranky about getting up and will only eat for a few minutes before she's out again. She loves to get up at 4:00am or 5:00am to eat, this happens to be MY least favorite, she loves to be up and bright eyed ready to play after eating very well. She has quite a few awake and active moments throughout the day and they are usually for very long periods of time. She's trying to adjust to home life. It's tough having a big brother who needs attention as well after having Mommy all to herself for 3 weeks. She's going to keep us busy for a while, we have her well baby check tomorrow morning, an appointment with her assigned cardiologist Thursday morning, an appointment with the Electro Physiology clinic next week and upcoming appointments with Neurology and getting a sedated MRI done in the next few months with multiple Cardiology appointments spread out through the next 6 months or so.

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