Home 12-6-11 Miss K is 4 Months Old

Miss K saw the Neurologist today: The Doctor agreed with me, she's been on the same dose of Keppra since she was 2 weeks old and has gained almost 8 pounds since then. They usually up the dose according to weight to keep seizure activity under control but Miss K's hasn't ever been upped and she's NEVER had any seizure activity since that day in the hospital. The Doctor and I agree that we've pretty much been giving her water these past few months and she wasn't having seizures and isn't going to have any. She's perfect in the neurology department :o). She passed every neurological test the Doctor did on her and we're going to skip the MRI because she doesn't need it :o). Miss K is no longer on the Keppra, as of today we've been told by the Doctor to stop giving it to her :o).
Miss K also saw the Electro Physiologist today: The Doctor says she looks great. Apparently her EKG showed her QT intervals are kind of long compared to what they should be but he's not worried yet, he's just not going to up the dosage on her medications right now, which he's happy not to do since she hasn't had any episodes of SVT since he last upped the dose. So the plan is to keep her where she's at on her medications and go back to see the Doctor in two months when he'll take her off the Amiodarone and we'll see what she does without it.  She'll most likely stay on the Propanolol until her first birthday, possibly longer.  He has opted to skip setting up an Ophthalmologist appointment as long as we get her off the Amiodarone at 6 months and keep her off of it.

We're so happy to be seeing so much progress here! And very glad to have one less medication to worry about daily :o), not to mention one less medical problem to worry about :o).
Miss K now weighs 13 pounds 5 ounces and is 23 1/2 inches long.  She's taking 1.5 ML Propanolol every 8 hours and 6 ML Amiodarone once daily.  We are still SVT free!  And her blood tests are still coming back perfect (See Side Effects).

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