Home 1-3-12 Miss K is Almost 5 Months Old

Just shy of turning 5 months old Miss K is doing quite well!  Still no SVT episodes, YAY!  We're still giving her 1.5 ML Propanolol every 8 hours and 6 ML Amiodarone once daily.

New issues?  I'm not quite sure.  Yesterday I noticed her sweating while eating, something she has done before once or twice since birth, both those times I'm almost sure she has been congested.  She got pretty bad Fall Allergies this past fall season, something she gets from her Mommy no doubt, Fall Allergies get me every year without fail, it was during this period that I first noticed her sweating while eating.  This last time I noticed it she has been congested due to a small Winter Cold, she's not sick per say just "stuffy" with a runny eye.  Definitely no fever or cough and not acting miserable other than difficulty breathing as well as she'd like to.  So, I'm not sure what to do.  I've debated contacting her Cardiologist about it, maybe even her Pediatrician just to ask him if congestion could be the culprit.  My "mommy instincts" tell me she's fine but I'm still paranoid.  I know if it were my perfectly healthy son doing this I would just shrug it off and watch him for a few days/weeks to see if it happened again.  I'll keep you updated on my decision.

Newest "trick":  Miss K has learned how to forcibly spit out her medications.  Yes, that's right FORCIBLY, the past few doses I've ended up "wearing" more of her medication on my face than she has ingested.  I'm not quite sure what to do.  We've tried quite a lot of things to make medication dosing easier and less stressful for both of us but what can I do when she's spitting it back into my face?  We'll be trying yet another method that a cousin of mine suggested:  Try this secret for giving medicine to veteran spitters (be sure you have the medicine within reach and ready to go before you start this procedure): Cradle baby's head in the crook of your arm. With the same hand, encircle baby's cheek and use your middle or index finger to pull out the corner of his mouth, making a pocket in his cheek. With the other hand drop the medicine into this cheek pocket a little at a time. This hold keeps baby's mouth open and his head still. Best of all, the traction on baby's cheek with your finger keeps him from spitting the medicine back out. Maintain the traction until all the medicine has gone down.  Not sure it will work but it's definitely worth a try!

Our next Cardiologist appointment is February 7, 2012.  We're hoping to take Miss K off the Amiodarone completely and have huge success without it.  So I'll update at that time (or if I get any answers about the sweating while feeding before then).

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