Sweating While Feeding Update

New Years Eve our son tested positive for Strep Throat so I've been keeping a close eye on Miss K for any signs she might have it, but I hadn't seen any signs that she was ill, except the sweating while eating not eating or sleeping well and a bit of congestion.  Today I finally called the Pediatrician's office after Miss K added an unusual high pitched squeal while I was feeding her, particularly while feeding her on my right side.  The squealing thing is what my son did when he had an ear infection, it was the same squeal so I got suspicious.  I took Miss K in feeling a bit foolish considering she was acting as happy go-lucky as can be, as long as she wasn't eating or being put down for bed.  I'm not a paranoid mother...usually.  I rarely took my son in unless he was showing sure signs of being ill or if I was absolutely sure myself that he just had to be ill no matter what his signs and symptoms were, turns out so far I am always right to take him in, or not to.  I didn't want today to end up being different and be sent home with a pat on the back and "she's fine, you're just being overly cautious because of her heart condition".  So the Pediatrician listened to my concerns then he listened to Miss K and did a complete work up on her.  He even told me I was fine to bring her in to him, even if I felt foolish doing it, because of her heart condition.  I love how understanding he is, he's such a wonderful Pediatrician!  I was relieved to hear that her heart and lungs sound perfect and her liver felt great, so no concern about the sweating while feeding.  I wasn't so happy to hear him say "did you say she squeals when feeding on your right?"  I said "Uh-oh...yes" to which he replied "well, Mom is always right.  If my ear looked like hers does I'd be passed out from the pain".  Darn it.  He then looked at her throat and announced that it is red and looks sore.  And since her big brother had Strep Throat her Pediatrician is going to treat Miss K like she has it as well, she has enough symptoms to convince him without a Strep Test.  So on the day Big Brother finished his last dose of Amoxicillin Miss K started her first dose, she also received a prescription for numbing drops to put in her ear to help dull the pain.  And by early this evening, after our little jaunt out to the Pediatrician for Miss K and a trip to the Pharmacy to get her Antibiotic, I started coming down with symptoms of Strep Throat myself.  I guess tomorrow morning I will be calling the Pediatrician again to see if he can prescribe antibiotics for my husband and I without a Strep Test since he knows both our children have it.  Hopefully after all 4 of us have been treated we won't have another bout of it in any one of us.  I'll be disinfecting my home as well, which is going to be real fun (insert sarcasm).  I'll have to wash EVERY toy my son and Miss K have in order to make sure I get the germs all out of here.  Wish me luck, it's going to take days.

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