Hair Loss

About 7 or 8 months ago I remember reading a post by a SVT mom talking about hair loss being linked with the use of Propranolol.  I never thought much of it since Miss K wasn't having hair loss issues, I felt bad for her but didn't think to remember that post.

Fast forward about 4 months and you find me crying over a clump of Miss K's hair.  I was taking a hair band out of her hair, I'm always gentle about this and the hair band was a soft no-pull one, but on this night a chunk of Miss K's hair came out with it.  It was perfect, it looked as though I had taken a pair of scissors and cut the hair in a perfect square.  There I was holding a lock of precious, sweet hair.

Fast forward another 2 or 3 months and you find me constantly dealing with hand fulls of hair each time I comb Miss K's hair, no matter if it is soft and tangle free or completely riddled with tangles and knots, no matter if it is wet or dry, Miss K's hair is coming out in clumps.  She has a bald spot in the front that I thought was just genetics, except that there was hair there one day and then the next there wasn't, but I didn't really notice how fast it had gone nor did I really remember there being hair there at all, now looking back at pictures I see that there was hair there at one time and there's really no reason for her not to have hair there now.

I finally realized something was up.  I got on all the facebook support pages I follow and asked around about hair loss being connected with either Propranolol or Digoxin, or maybe even a delayed side effect from Amiodarone, a long shot I know but I have been desperate to find a reason for her hair loss.  Most of the mom's that answered had never heard of hair loss being connected to any of the three medications.  But a choice few had heard of a link and were willing to share.  Turns out I found the mom who mentioned hair loss and Propranolol months ago, she verified that her daughter had a hair loss problem off and on while taking the Propranolol, she couldn't tell why some months were better than others but she could confirm that her daughter's Cardiologist admitted that hair loss is a side effect of Propranolol, uncommon and not well known but still a side effect.  Another mom commented that her daughter's Cardiologist also mentioned hair loss as a side effect of Prorpanolol.  After reading these comments I dug through some more websites looking for this side effect to be noted somewhere and, amazingly, I finally found it, a site that has hair loss listed as uncommon and not well known but it is a side effect of Propranolol.

I will, of course, be asking our own EP Cardiologist and our Pediatrician, and maybe even our Pharmacist, just to make sure this is really what's going on with Miss K.  I will update when I can.  I am almost sure the Propranolol is the cause but I also know that low Iron and a lack of certain vitamins and minerals can cause hair loss as well and seeing that Miss K is not the greatest little eater these could certainly be part of the cause.


10 Months SVT FREE!

And we're walking on egg shells.  Waiting for the ball to drop.  Panicking.  Preparing.  And all at the same time while we're also thanking God, rejoicing, feeling blessed, hoping and praying.

Almost a whole year SVT free.  We never thought we'd see this.  Of course, we know we need to consider the fact that Miss K has only gained 1 pound in this whole past year and just maybe her medications are just working really great because she's not getting heavier.  But we can always hope that maybe she has outgrown her PJRT, or is slowly outgrowing it at any rate.

Miss K is still taking 3.2mL Propanolol 3 times a day and 1.2mL Digoxin 2 times a day.

The life of an SVT baby:

Syringes all over the house, both dirty and clean.
Medications piled up in her room, out of reach of course, but still visible so we don't forget to give them.
Empty medication bottles and boxes throughout the house, always at least one in the trash can on trash day.
An alarm set on both Mommy and Daddy's phones so we don't forget her afternoon Propanolol.
Stethoscopes in every room, though they are rarely used lately they are still there.
Heart rate App on both Mommy and Daddy's phones (cardiograph app).
Our favorite local pharmacy knowing Mommy's face and name, knowing exactly what I am there for each month.
Our favorite local pharmacist knowing and usually remembering without fail that Mommy prefers the Propanolol in 2 small bottles rather than 1 big bottle and that she prefers the prescription label for the Digoxin be placed on the bottle rather than the box.
Miss K understanding, and allowing, us to "hear" her by placing our ear to her chest and listening for a few seconds.  (done about twice a day)
Miss K understanding, and allowing, us to place a hand over her heart and holding still long enough for us to feel her little heart beat. (done a few times a day)
Miss K knowing the word "medicine" and knowing exactly what it means.
Miss K having medications such a huge part of her daily routine to the point of her reminding us when it's time for medicine even when we forget.
Miss K finding play syringes in a dress-up doctors kit and telling her baby doll "time for medicine!" while putting said syringe into her baby doll's mouth and pushing the plunger.
Miss K finding play stethoscopes in a dress-up doctors kit and placing it on her own chest to listen and then placing it on her baby dolls chest, somehow putting it in the correct location every time.
Having to tell Grandma "No" for sugary sweets and drinks even though the other grandkids all have them at the moment.
Finding Sugar Free popsicles and treats in one Grandma's house set aside especially for Miss K.
Having to remind Grandpa's and Uncle's "no tipping upside down!" and "no tossing high into the air!", these things have NOT caused SVT yet but we aren't willing to chance it so we just plain don't allow it.
Doctors appointment reminders for Cardiology coming in over the phone every few months, set in Mommy's phone calendar, and written on the family calendars all over the house.
Avoiding illness like the plague, more paranoid than the average parent, praying to avoid fevers at all costs, staying home all the time, rarely getting an adventure at any public place especially during cold and flu season.
Being familiar too with Primary Children's Medical Center.

So many more things I could list if I could remember them.  But we'll take all of it to get to keep our sweet little princess!

Lately I have been feeling so blessed, and then so guilty, about Miss K's last few quiet months.  The guilt comes from knowing a few other sweet PJRT babies who are not as lucky as Miss K yet, they are still enduring a lot of trial and error with their medications and such and dealing with SVT and frequent Cardiologist visits.  Though I know we have been there, Miss K was not been spared these trials in the slightest, but I almost feel like it's not fair that she is now mostly healthy and SVT free when they are still struggling daily :(.  We pray for them all the time, and worry until we hear good news from them.