Amiodarone and Grapefruit

I know Miss K has not been on Amiodarone for over a year but recently the use of Grapefruit while taking Amiodarone was brought up on our Living with PJRT facebook group and it brought me to researching it a bit.  I remembered when Miss K was on Amiodarone that our EP Cardiologist told us not to give her Grapefruit or any products of Grapefruit while she was taking it, I just listened to him and never gave it to her but I didn't ever look into the reasons why.  Below you will find the smallest bit of research I was able to do on the subject, I only hope it is helpful to someone :).

In light of recent confusion about Amiodarone and Grapefruit I have be researching it hoping to help those of you who are still giving your babies Amiodarone :).  All in all everything I found was full of words and talk that anyone without a medical degree could never fully understand lol, but I did find one, just one, very dummied down explanation about ingesting Grapefruit or any product of Grapefruit while taking Amiodarone.  Here it is, I hope it helps your understanding!

Grapefruit juice appears to completely inhibit the metabolism of amiodarone to its major active metabolite, increases the AUC of amiodarone by 50% and increases the peak serum level by 84%, which may lead to toxicity. However, the effect of amiodarone on the PR and QTc intervals is apparently decreased, possibly due to reduced levels of the active metabolite.
Further study is needed. In the meantime, it may be prudent to suggest to patients that they avoid grapefruit juice.

The studies I read said that in males it harms the testicles and in all patients, male and female, it can harm the urinary tracts and kidneys and the Grapefruit lessens the Amiodarone's effectiveness.

I hate the internet, research can be quite tough for me here lol, if anyone can find anything to read about this that is less confusing than what I found please feel free to share it in the comments here with a link to the site you found it on :).


11 Months SVT Free

I should be jumping for joy, happy as ever, smiling ear to ear, joyous, etc., etc., etc....but I'm NOT.  I was all those things last month, and the month before, and the month before that.  Each month SVT free is a huge accomplishment for this little girl, don't get me wrong I am EXTREMELY grateful for these past months and I pray with everything I have that we can keep this streak going.  So why am I so down about it?

A little more than a month ago a fellow PJRT mom made the decision to take her 4 year old PJRT daughter off of all her medications, she had been SVT free for over a year and they felt it was time to see how she did on her own.  Almost 6 weeks went by of nothing but good news, I admit, I got my hopes up for her and for Miss K.  Any time a child is considered to have outgrown their PJRT I get my hopes up for Miss K's diagnosis.  Almost 6 weeks of thinking we had more hope, another PJRT child had most likely outgrown her condition.  Almost 6 weeks of no medications and her sweet mama breaks the news that her sweet little girl had been taken to the ER via ambulance having a severe SVT episode.  She was put back on her medications and sent home stable, a few days later she was taken to the ER yet again having a severe SVT episode, her medications were adjusted and she spent over 12 hours in the ER as they watched her closely to be sure she would be OK, she was sent home on a higher dose of medications than what they had ended almost 6 weeks before.  My heart broke.  This terrified me.  We are a little more than 6 months away from the date her EP Cardiologist said he would remove all medications if she stays SVT free until that date.  What if she follows the same fate this little girl did?

Earlier this week another SVT mom made note in our facebook group that her 3 year old, who has been SVT free for over a year but, like Miss K, is still medicated, had her first SVT episode and was rushed to the hospital.  Her medications had to be adjusted and she still had yet another SVT episode a day later.  This mama had been hopeful, like us, that her daughter had outgrown her SVT and they had plans to take her off of her medications in the next month or so, now it is apparent she still needs the medications and at a higher dosage.

These two very recent experiences have completely dashed my hopes.  I've always felt that we are walking on egg shells, so to speak.  I've always had the possibility of an SVT episode on my mind, though pushed back as far as I can hoping I am wrong.  Hearing about other children, who are 1-2 years older than Miss K, having such unexpected breakthrough SVT after so long being SVT free is a huge slap of reality right to my face.

Miss K is doing great.  She's still experiencing moderate hair loss occasionally, and that's the weird part it's only occasionally, I've begun to think her iron levels may be dipping from lack of proper eating when she gets into her little eating issues and being on the Propranolol during these eating issues and iron dips makes her body take a harder hit than normal which is probably why she looses a lot of hair for a week or two and then stops for a bit.  She has a cold right now, nothing serious just the sniffles and a bit of congestion, she fevered yesterday but only just a bit sitting around 99.8 degrees, a bit more tired than usual but otherwise seems fine.

IF Miss K makes it to 1 year SVT free we will be having a big party for her, no matter how long she may or may not stay SVT free, a year is wonderful and I want to make sure we celebrate it.  I will not let reality's slap to the face stop me from keeping up hope, she has beaten a lot of odds and shown her EP Cardiologist that she is a very special little girl from day one, maybe, just maybe, she will be that different case that actually has outgrown her PJRT.


Hair Loss

About 7 or 8 months ago I remember reading a post by a SVT mom talking about hair loss being linked with the use of Propranolol.  I never thought much of it since Miss K wasn't having hair loss issues, I felt bad for her but didn't think to remember that post.

Fast forward about 4 months and you find me crying over a clump of Miss K's hair.  I was taking a hair band out of her hair, I'm always gentle about this and the hair band was a soft no-pull one, but on this night a chunk of Miss K's hair came out with it.  It was perfect, it looked as though I had taken a pair of scissors and cut the hair in a perfect square.  There I was holding a lock of precious, sweet hair.

Fast forward another 2 or 3 months and you find me constantly dealing with hand fulls of hair each time I comb Miss K's hair, no matter if it is soft and tangle free or completely riddled with tangles and knots, no matter if it is wet or dry, Miss K's hair is coming out in clumps.  She has a bald spot in the front that I thought was just genetics, except that there was hair there one day and then the next there wasn't, but I didn't really notice how fast it had gone nor did I really remember there being hair there at all, now looking back at pictures I see that there was hair there at one time and there's really no reason for her not to have hair there now.

I finally realized something was up.  I got on all the facebook support pages I follow and asked around about hair loss being connected with either Propranolol or Digoxin, or maybe even a delayed side effect from Amiodarone, a long shot I know but I have been desperate to find a reason for her hair loss.  Most of the mom's that answered had never heard of hair loss being connected to any of the three medications.  But a choice few had heard of a link and were willing to share.  Turns out I found the mom who mentioned hair loss and Propranolol months ago, she verified that her daughter had a hair loss problem off and on while taking the Propranolol, she couldn't tell why some months were better than others but she could confirm that her daughter's Cardiologist admitted that hair loss is a side effect of Propranolol, uncommon and not well known but still a side effect.  Another mom commented that her daughter's Cardiologist also mentioned hair loss as a side effect of Prorpanolol.  After reading these comments I dug through some more websites looking for this side effect to be noted somewhere and, amazingly, I finally found it, a site that has hair loss listed as uncommon and not well known but it is a side effect of Propranolol.

I will, of course, be asking our own EP Cardiologist and our Pediatrician, and maybe even our Pharmacist, just to make sure this is really what's going on with Miss K.  I will update when I can.  I am almost sure the Propranolol is the cause but I also know that low Iron and a lack of certain vitamins and minerals can cause hair loss as well and seeing that Miss K is not the greatest little eater these could certainly be part of the cause.


10 Months SVT FREE!

And we're walking on egg shells.  Waiting for the ball to drop.  Panicking.  Preparing.  And all at the same time while we're also thanking God, rejoicing, feeling blessed, hoping and praying.

Almost a whole year SVT free.  We never thought we'd see this.  Of course, we know we need to consider the fact that Miss K has only gained 1 pound in this whole past year and just maybe her medications are just working really great because she's not getting heavier.  But we can always hope that maybe she has outgrown her PJRT, or is slowly outgrowing it at any rate.

Miss K is still taking 3.2mL Propanolol 3 times a day and 1.2mL Digoxin 2 times a day.

The life of an SVT baby:

Syringes all over the house, both dirty and clean.
Medications piled up in her room, out of reach of course, but still visible so we don't forget to give them.
Empty medication bottles and boxes throughout the house, always at least one in the trash can on trash day.
An alarm set on both Mommy and Daddy's phones so we don't forget her afternoon Propanolol.
Stethoscopes in every room, though they are rarely used lately they are still there.
Heart rate App on both Mommy and Daddy's phones (cardiograph app).
Our favorite local pharmacy knowing Mommy's face and name, knowing exactly what I am there for each month.
Our favorite local pharmacist knowing and usually remembering without fail that Mommy prefers the Propanolol in 2 small bottles rather than 1 big bottle and that she prefers the prescription label for the Digoxin be placed on the bottle rather than the box.
Miss K understanding, and allowing, us to "hear" her by placing our ear to her chest and listening for a few seconds.  (done about twice a day)
Miss K understanding, and allowing, us to place a hand over her heart and holding still long enough for us to feel her little heart beat. (done a few times a day)
Miss K knowing the word "medicine" and knowing exactly what it means.
Miss K having medications such a huge part of her daily routine to the point of her reminding us when it's time for medicine even when we forget.
Miss K finding play syringes in a dress-up doctors kit and telling her baby doll "time for medicine!" while putting said syringe into her baby doll's mouth and pushing the plunger.
Miss K finding play stethoscopes in a dress-up doctors kit and placing it on her own chest to listen and then placing it on her baby dolls chest, somehow putting it in the correct location every time.
Having to tell Grandma "No" for sugary sweets and drinks even though the other grandkids all have them at the moment.
Finding Sugar Free popsicles and treats in one Grandma's house set aside especially for Miss K.
Having to remind Grandpa's and Uncle's "no tipping upside down!" and "no tossing high into the air!", these things have NOT caused SVT yet but we aren't willing to chance it so we just plain don't allow it.
Doctors appointment reminders for Cardiology coming in over the phone every few months, set in Mommy's phone calendar, and written on the family calendars all over the house.
Avoiding illness like the plague, more paranoid than the average parent, praying to avoid fevers at all costs, staying home all the time, rarely getting an adventure at any public place especially during cold and flu season.
Being familiar too with Primary Children's Medical Center.

So many more things I could list if I could remember them.  But we'll take all of it to get to keep our sweet little princess!

Lately I have been feeling so blessed, and then so guilty, about Miss K's last few quiet months.  The guilt comes from knowing a few other sweet PJRT babies who are not as lucky as Miss K yet, they are still enduring a lot of trial and error with their medications and such and dealing with SVT and frequent Cardiologist visits.  Though I know we have been there, Miss K was not been spared these trials in the slightest, but I almost feel like it's not fair that she is now mostly healthy and SVT free when they are still struggling daily :(.  We pray for them all the time, and worry until we hear good news from them.



Miss K has had a bad case of insomnia since we took her off of the Amiodarone.  It wasn't a huge problem until recently.

Miss K started out just having about 1-2 nights a month of no sleep, she'd play in her crib in her room all night long keeping her Daddy and I awake listening to her but not able to do much about it.  And then about 6 months ago she started having sleepless nights about once a week, at which point she was no longer in a crib but in a toddler bed but she was not able to open her bedroom door on her own so we just kept her room 100% toddler proof so she couldn't get hurt and didn't worry about her, we also were running a fan in our room to help Baby Brother sleep so we could barely hear Miss K in her room playing and thus were finally able to sleep through her noise.  And then about 4 months ago she started having her sleepless nights about 2-3 times a week.  About 3 months ago she learned how to open her door, we resorted to locking the door so she couldn't get out.  We needed to keep her in her room so she couldn't hurt herself with mischief she may cause in the rest of the house alone.  A little more than a month ago the sleepless nights went from occasional to nearly EVERY night.  At her grandmother's house the only way to keep her safe during the night was to put her in a pack and play (play pen) to sleep because no bedrooms are toddler safe enough for her to be wandering them alone, it's canning season so we have been at Grandma's house A LOT.  She recently learned how to climb out of a pack and play.  This week, after a particularly bad night, she learned how to unlock her bedroom door on her own.  I spent a long night listening for her and putting her back into bed all night long as she wandered the house and got into mischief of all kinds.  I put up the baby gate AND locked her bedroom door.  She climbed the baby gate.  We can no longer contain her without drastic measures.  She climbs out of cribs, she climbs baby gates, she opens all doors, she unlocks all doors, she can even undo child safe locks on cupboards and drawers.  She's TWO years old, at this age Big Brother was an angel, at the time I didn't think so but now I realize he really was an angel, ESPECIALLY compared to Miss K.

We have been running a fan in her room for white noise since she was a baby.  We thought maybe that was part of what might be keeping her up at night so we tried a few nights without the fan, turns out she sleeps worse without the fan than she does with it.  I tried cutting naps down to 30 min. to an hour, that didn't work so I tried cutting nap out completely, this only resulted in a VERY unhappy little girl since she was no longer getting ANY sleep.  I have been rubbing Lavender Essential Oils on the bottoms of her feet and on her forehead every night since she started the insomnia, until recently it actually worked quite well, now it isn't doing ANYTHING for her.  We also had "calming bracelets", they worked better than the Lavender oil for a bit, now they also don't work for her.  Last night I tried using the Lavender oil in a diffuser AND I rubbed doTERRA's Balance on the bottoms of her feet and her forehead.  She actually slept for the first time in a long time, though I have no idea if it was the diffuser or the Balance.  Since I borrowed the diffuser from a friend just for the night I will be returning it today and we shall see if it was that or the Balance that made her sleep.  If we have yet another bad night I'll be purchasing a diffuser of my own, and if that doesn't work then I'll know it was just Miss K finally tiring out for a bit.  My next plan of action to get her sleeping is to try doTERRA's Serenity, and then as a last resort I would like to try Melatonin if her EP Cardiologist clears it as safe, I put a call in to him today to make sure before I try using it and am now waiting on a return call.

As far as keeping her contained goes...our door knobs are lever knobs, not round or oval ones that you turn.  We went to The Home Depot and purchased a lever knob safety latch system only to get home and find that if placed inside her door it locks us out permanently and we can only get into her room through her outside window, but it won't fit on the outside of her door because of the door jamb so that was a bust, we will be returning the safety latch tonight.  Our other options are to purchase a round knob and replace her lever knob with it, though this only works until she learns to turn a round knob, which puts us to a point of needing to put the knob on backwards so the lock is on the outside.  Our only other option is to put an eye hook in on the outside and latching her in, but I'm afraid this will only work until she gets strong enough, or determined enough, to pull the screws out of the door.

Last night Miss K slept, whether from exhaustion or because one of the Essential Oils worked, but she was awake at the crack of dawn wandering the house while the rest of us slept.  And, as if she wasn't driving me crazy enough as it was, she decided Big Brother needed to join her in her wanderings, she had him awake soon after she got up, she wandered into his room to climb in his bed with him to wake him so she'd have someone to play with.  Big Brother likes his sleep, he wasn't happy to be woken by his little sister before he was ready to be awake.


6 Month Check Up

Miss K saw Cardiology today. Getting an EKG wasn't as bad as last time, I was way more prepared for her reaction lol, I took her favorite blanket and beloved "Bow" the elephant in with us to help calm her and this times nurse let me hold her while we put the "stickers" on, hooked her all up and even let me keep holding her through the EKG (the last nurse swore it would mess with the reading and wouldn't let me hold her), we wrapped her in her blanket and put stickers on "Bow" and she calmed right down for the whole reading, got a somewhat normal heart rate for her EP Cardiologist to look at . Since we just saw him a month ago for her Bradycardia scare today wasn't really necessary but he failed to mention that until he realized who he was seeing lol, he felt bad for having us come in but I was happy to do it since last time was a fly by just for an EKG reading we didn't get to really talk with him, this time I took as much of his time as I could and we really talked .

Miss K is doing great according to her EP Cardiologist.  He feels that since she hasn't had any known SVT since December that she may very well have outgrown her PJRT! But he also doesn't want to push our luck and is going to keep her on her Digoxin and Propanolol until she's 3 years before trying any lowering of doses or stopping all together just in case she isn't having SVT solely because of lack of weight gain, we will see if this is the case in a year IF she isn't like her big brother and instead gains some more weight in the next year lol. Her murmur that we just found in March is still there but he says it's not a hole, it's just a different sound in her heart and over 80% people have this different sound and he's sure it's harmless because all her past Echo's have shown a perfect structure and no defect.
Some readers tend to take news like this out of perspective.  That last paragraph does not mean Miss K is now "OK", it by far does not mean that she HAS outgrown her PJRT nor does it mean we are out of the danger zone at all.  SVT free for over 1 year can still just mean her medications are working, a lot of kids who go that long have been taken off of their medications and have had severe SVT resulting within days or weeks of the medications leaving their systems.  Miss K has only gone 8 months SVT free, we MUST take into consideration that she has barely gained just 1 pound since last October when we started the Digoxin and adjusted her Propanolol dose.  There is a very great chance that she has been SVT free this long only because she has not gained much weight.  I am completely OK with following the EP Cardiologists recommendation to keep Miss K on both medications at their current doses until she is 3, it seems a bit reckless to start weaning off of either medication right now, we need to be careful with this process and take it slowly and one step at a time.  We also need to remember that PJRT is not a temporary condition, even if a child is considered to have outgrown it it has a very high potential of presenting itself again later in teen years or as an adult.  This is a serious heart condition that is NOT going to just go away forever, we can always hope that it will but we MUST remember that it is very unlikely.


Miss K is 2 Years Old

Very bitter sweet.  I am so proud of my baby girl for hitting her 2nd birthday and doing so well in the past year!  Of course I am happy she is growing and changing into a beautiful little girl.  But I am so sad to see the baby leave and the little girl come.  She has been our "baby girl" for 2 years, we still call her baby girl around here, but in the past few weeks she has changed a lot in many ways, not only does she no longer act like a baby but she also no longer looks like a baby.  She has completely lost the baby looks and gained the little girl looks, but of course she is still adorable.
Miss K now weighs 20.4 pounds and is 33.4 inches tall.

She is doing great!  We have now made it almost 8 months SVT free, a very amazing big deal for Miss K.  The most amazing part is the 2 fevers she has endured and made it through with no SVT, her heart rate barely went up enough for us to even notice a faster rhythm than normal.  She has also made it through not 1 but 2 missed doses of Propanolol and had absolutely NO SVT, quite the change from her normal SVT episodes within 24 hours of the missed dose!  I posted about missing a dose just before July 24th but I have yet to mention the next missed dose...just this past weekend while visiting her grandparents, Daddy was out of town and Mommy was quite tired and distracted and somehow completely forgot the morning dose of both Propanolol and Digoxin, I didn't realize I had missed them until around 1:30PM, yes that's right it took clear until afternoon and around the time for her usual 2nd dose for the day before I realized we had missed her morning dose.  I opted to just consider the Propanolol afternoon dose skipped and gave her what would have been her normal morning dose at that time, then at bedtime I gave her her evening dose of both.  I worried that since we had missed a dose barely a week before that she would have SVT from this missed dose but I was pleasantly surprised to never catch any SVT :o).  I know without a doubt her EP Cardiologist is going to love hearing this news.

Miss K is our amazingly mischievous little princess.  She is into every kind of mischief possible, things her older brother never would have dreamed up doing she is quick to discover and is great at making Mommy go completely nuts throughout the day.  She is very active and very fast, before I can get one mess of hers cleaned up she is making/into another mess.  She is adorably lovable and full of snuggly hugs.  She loves to be snuggled and loved on, when she's not too busy anyway.  She is a princess without a doubt.  She loves to play dress up, take care of her baby dolls, have her nails painted, have Mommy put eye shadow on her, wear jewelry, have her hair done, were hair bows and flowers, she absolutely loves to wear dresses, and her favorite and most preferred color is PINK.


Please forgive the mess...

A week ago I made the huge mistake of trying out a new blog template...it resulted in disaster :o(.  The template loaded wrong and ended up deleting all my page elements except a crazy old "about me" section, the blog posts list and, of course, the blog posts themselves.  I cannot get any of the other stuff back :o(.

So bear with me in the next few days/weeks as I try to put this blog back together again.  Things will change, I guarantee I won't be able to find all the websites and other blogs I had listed :o( at least not for a little while anyway.

On to better news...I will be taking a minute in a day or two (or three or four lol) to update everyone on Miss K now that she's turning 2 this week...yes that's right, Miss K is turning 2 YEARS OLD!  I can't believe she's growing up so fast.  Check back often for her update :o).


Bradycardic Episodes Update...

We finally got a call from Miss K's EP Cardiologist, it took a few days because of our state holiday and then I was out of town and outside of mobile service so I didn't get to speak with him directly, I just received the message this afternoon.  The Holter Monitor reading came in and he looked through it thoroughly, Miss K does indeed drop her heart rate to the low 50's very occasionally but never for more than a second or so, he said the longest her heart rate was in the 50's was about 1.3 seconds and her average heart rate was 92 BPM.  This is all good, everything he expects to see in a child taking 2 Beta Blockers.

I am relieved to hear that she is OK and no SVT was caught with the monitor either, such a huge relief!

As of right now she is to stay on the same 3.2 mL 3x daily Propanolol and 1.2 mL 2x daily Digoxin.  She will be seeing him in September for a follow up, I am a bit disappointed to be taking her in since I had hoped to stay away from a visit for a year but her EP Cardiologist feels he should see her at the 6 month mark to see how things are going and talk about future medication changes.  He likes to have a game plan and it's time to talk about what we need to do in the future.

On a side note, last week with all the craziness of packing to go on a family camping trip I completely forgot to issue Miss K's afternoon dose of Propanolol Tuesday.  We waited on egg shells the next few days, while camping, expecting an SVT episode because she has always had SVT after skipping a dose, I was terrified of being out in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone service and 30 minutes from the nearest hospital knowing that we had skipped a dose and SVT was possibly inevitable.  We checked her heart rate constantly throughout the week and weekend and were extremely shocked to never catch any SVT!  I am amazed at how far our sweet little girl has come.  She is doing so great and kicking her PJRT in the butt :).

And while camping I noticed at least 1 new molar coming in, this means the cause of her tired moments and off times was most likely teething, I'm so glad to have found a reason for her to have been acting out of sorts!

Our dirty little princess enjoying playing in the dirt while camping this past weekend.


7 Months SVT Free with a Twist...

Yahooo!!! We have made it to 7 months SVT free!  Such a great feeling!  And she even experienced a 3-4 day stretch of high fever (ranging from 102-104 degrees) with no other symptoms and made it through SVT free :).

On a bad note:

Miss K suddenly started having some off days a few weeks ago, she is a very active child full of mischeif on any normal day but a few weeks back she started having days here and there where she's listless, extra tired, begging to be held and snuggled, and has a huge lack of energy.  I'm used to a little girl who never sits still, but lately she has had a lot of days of curling up on the couch with her blanket and begging for a movie, her eyes say a lot about how she feels and during these times of listlessness her eyes say she feels off in some way.

I always pull out the stethoscope and my phone (with my Cardiograph app on it) and check her heart rate during these down times, my first thought when this all started was that she was experiencing SVT, I was quite wrong.  Usually during these odd moments her heart rate was below her normal range but not in a bad way, I just thought it was slow because she hadn't been active, that is until a week ago when I checked her heart rate to find her beating in the mid to low 50's.  Anything below 80 worries me with her, and until now she's never really dipped below the mid 90's, so 50's was scary.  I called the Cardiology nurse and asked her how low of a heart rate was too low, I let her know Miss K was in the mid to low 50's at the moment and I was a bit concerned.  She didn't seem too concerned herself though, which calmed me quite a bit, my main reason for calling was to ask Miss K's EP Cardiologist if he thought I should bring her in to see him at the 6 month mark or if he thought she was fine and we could wait a whole year like I had origionally planned.  The nurse was baffled by this question, I guess the charts in front of her showed Dr. P still wanted to see her every 2 months and I was 2 months late on fulfilling that request (I'm almost positive she was looking at Miss K's 2011 charts rather than 2012 and 13 charts), she refused to believe me when I told her we were on a 6 month schedule now and that I was given the OK to wait a year if I felt good about it.  I ended up hanging up with her strict instructions to call scheduling and get Miss K in for an appointment NOW.  I then called scheduling and told them Miss K needed to see Dr. P ASAP, they looked at her charts before bringing up the calendar and then the confusion began.  In their notes Dr. P had asked that we come in every 6 months, just like I told the nurse, they didn't want to schedule Miss K to come in until September.  I told them the nurse asked that we be seen ASAP so they told me they would call Dr. P themselves and ask him what he perferred we do.  I waited all afternoon and into the next morning to hear back from them, instead of scheduling calling me back I got a personal phone call from Dr. P himself.  This always worries me, Dr. P only calls me personally when there is something concerning he needs to talk with me about (except when we have lab work done and he's reporting the results, which he always does personally).  He was a bit concerned about the low heart rate, though he was speaking with me directly because he wanted to know when the last time we refilled her medications was, he wondered if we had been issued a bad bottle of Digoxin.  This was a good possibility since her listless moments started soon after we refilled her medications last.  He ruled out Digoxin toxicity over the phone when he read her chart and realized she has been on the same dose since last October, but he wanted to be 100% sure this was not the case so he asked me to bring her in for an EKG the next day as he was worried that she may be having some Bradycardic spells.  And knowing children like he does he told me he'd order a Holter Monitor to send us home with because EKG's only show what's going on at that moment and if the child is healthy and fine, or throwing a tantrum, we won't see what the issue is in other situations.

Somehow this was the perfect time to be requested to head down to PCMC.  We were already headed down there the next day to bring Baby Brother in for his first Urology visit (more on that below) thus making it easy for us to leave just an hour earlier and pop in at the Cardiology clinic for a quick visit with Dr. P.  Miss K just happened to be having one of her off days on this day, a good thing for Dr. P to see.  Things went downhill the minute we entered the clinic though (not in a bad medical way I assure you).  Miss K was terrified of the room, terrified of the exam table, terrified of the nurse, and even more terrified of the EKG machine and its "stickers" and wires.  When we laid her on the table she started screaming, the nurse had quite the struggle getting the stickers placed on her chest and belly as Miss K kicked and screamed through it.  We tried everything from snuggling her to encouraging her to touch and hold a sticker herself to putting EKG stickers on her baby doll (this only resulted in more terrified screams as she was afraid of what the stickers would do to her baby).  Finally the nurse decided she was part of the problem and she left the room for a minute, apparently this wasn't a big enough part of the issue as Miss K continued to scream and kick and still refused to calm down enough for us to get a good reading.  The nurse came back with a stuffed lamb and a sucker in hopes of calming Miss K down with bribery, it didn't work she refused both very adamantly.  I offered her snacks from the diaper bag but was also turned down, and she screamed harder when we got the bubbles out and blew a few for her.  We finally gave up and took what we could get, her heart rate was ranging from 120's to 140's during this tantrum.  Dr. P came in soon after the nurse printed a reading from the EKG machine and assured us he could not see any sign of Digoxin toxicity.  He felt she is probably fine and that maybe I was off with my counting of her heart rate or it was just some fluke that was nothing to worry about, he admitted though that maybe she has outgrown the PJRT just enough (but not completely) to maybe not need so much medication so we talked about lowering her dose on one or both the Propanolol and Digoxin after further evaluation.  But to ease my mind and to really be sure himself he still sent us home with a Holter Monitor fitted to Miss K.  She was not happy about that machine either, she screamed and kicked right out of my arms while the nurse was trying to get it all set up.  Somehow she forgot about it very quickly though and amazingly never really touched it through the 24 hours she had to wear it.

I sent the Holter Monitor back yesterday.  I have no idea how soon we'll hear from Dr. P with the results, Tomorrow is our state holiday (Pioneer Day) so unless UPS gets the packaged delivered today and Dr. P somehow gets a chance to read it today I will most likely not hear back from him until Thursday or Friday, this poses as a sort of problem though because we will be out of town camping up a canyon and won't have cell phone service so all I can do is hope he calls today or doesn't call us until next Monday.  I will keep you all updated with the results.

I promised an explanation about Baby Brother seeing Urology:

I mentioned in previous posts about Baby Brother being born with Hypospadias.  Our Pediatrician told us not to pursue it until he was nearly a year old because PCMC wouldn't let anyone do any surgery on a child younger than 12 months (unless it's life saving, of course).  I decided to go against him and called and made an appointment with Urology months ago, I knew it would be a long wait to get in and figured we should get the ball rolling now rather than later.  This past Friday was our clinic visit to see what the Urologist had to say about the matter.  We absolutely loved the guy, he was old and funny and full of information.  Turns out he much prefers to do the surgery at around 6 months old, and it's a mild, non invasive surgery so PCMC lets him do so.  We barely spoke with him 10 minutes when he was ushering us to his surgery nurse to schedule Baby Brother for his very first (and hopefully last) surgery.  He will be going in to have his Hypospadias corrected on September 6th.  To say I'm nervous would be an understatement.  I'm terrified of handing my baby over to be put under anesthesia and cut on.  The next 6 weeks are going to be nerve wracking for me, I'm going to have to try to stay busy to keep from thinking about it.


6 Months SVT Free!

I am amazed to get to post this update, I never thought we'd ever go 6 months SVT free.  It seems Miss K is on a roll!

Last week Miss K did have us a bit worried for a few days, she was a tiny bit listless, really tired (asking for naps 2-3 times a day and going to bed early only to sleep in past 10:00am) and just not acting right, she looked miserable through the eyes.  But she never ran a fever or had any symptoms of illness and her heart rate stayed slow and steady.  After her worst day I decided to give her until the next morning before calling someone, the plan being to call her Pediatrician and ask him what to do and then call Cardiology if advised.  She woke up that next morning acting and seemingly feeling fine though so I didn't make any phone calls and we decided she was OK.

This past weekend Big Brother got a nasty virus, the only symptoms being a very high fever (averaging 104), a headache and body aches and very, very tired.  Nothing else.  All we could do was hope Miss K and Baby Brother didn't get it!  Big Brother's fever broke about 48 hours after it started, the body aches and headache went away soon after but he still isn't feeling 100% and is taking a nap daily (he never naps anymore) something is still lingering.  We had hoped Miss K had gotten it first and passed it on to Big Brother, for all we knew her few off days last week could have been the same virus minus the fever.  Sadly Miss K started with the fever Monday afternoon, and all day she had been cranky and acting like she didn't feel well.  It was apparent she was getting the virus.  We did all we could to keep the fever down hoping to avoid the inevitable SVT caused by fever.  She hasn't felt well at all.  I'm thinking her PJRT and her heart medications are making it harder for her to kick this virus.  She has had a fever off and on for 3 days now and is still listless and tired, falling asleep at odd times of the day and in odd places.  Big Brother was over the fever and the worst parts of the virus within 48 hours.  We've been keeping an eye on her heart rate through this and amazingly she has done wonderful!  Even at the fever's highest point she has not had any SVT.  We are so proud of her!

Now Miss K has proven she can finally make it through a fever without SVT, YAY!  We're hoping this is a great sign.  I know we were given the OK to wait a year to see her EP Cardiologist if we felt she was doing great but I really think if she's still doing this great 6 months from the last visit I will take her in so we can talk about bringing her down on one or both medications :o).


4 Months SVT FREE!

I never thought I would EVER get to say "Miss K has been SVT free for over 4 months".  This is a huge milestone for her!  Her last SVT episode was mid December 2012.  I'd love to say I have relaxed but I'm actually not calm about this at all, I keep waiting for the bomb to drop, it's like we're walking on egg shells and any moment they're all going to smash to dust.  The absolute longest Miss K has ever gone SVT free was 3 months.  We're a month past that and still moving right along.  I really hope I didn't jinx it by telling everyone.  Let's all just **Knock on Wood** just in case.

About a month ago we found an app for checking heart rate.  Daddy just recently upgraded to a smart phone a few months ago and we were eager to see what there was for heart apps.  Amazingly we found a whole bunch of heart rate apps for free.  We downloaded a few and tried them all on Miss K and ourselves to find which one seemed most accurate.  Turns out the best free heart rate app we found is called Cardiograph and it works pretty well if used correctly.  So now whenever we feel we need to check Miss K's heart we pull out one of our phones and get the Cardiograph app going.  Of course she hasn't had any SVT episodes for us to see if it will chart a heart rate that high but that's OK, I'd rather not know at all than have her go into SVT and get to try it out.

Miss K is doing great.  She's been very cranky with her Eye Teeth (or Canine Teeth) slowly coming in.  They're taking their dear sweet time and putting her through a lot of misery, I wish they would just pop through and be done but instead they come in and then swell up and disappear again.  The poor thing is grinding her teeth and chewing on anything soft that she can get her hands on.  She is also refusing to eat a lot of foods, practically living off of yogurt lately, she likes the cold on her teeth and it doesn't take any work to chew it up.

She is potty training as well.  Yes, I do encourage early potty training.  Big Brother started potty training at 21 months, my choice, not his, but he was ready and didn't argue it one bit, by 22 months he was completely potty trained and mostly accident free.  Miss K has a very different personality than Big Brother though so I did not plan to just drop everything and take a week potty training her.  I knew to take my time and let her decide it was time on her own.  At 18 months old she decided that if Big Brother was peeing on the potty she needed to as well, she surprised us by asking to go potty out of the blue one day.  After that first day we pulled out our potty training frog potty and put it in the bathroom Big Brother uses, from then on we encouraged her to use the frog potty any time Big Brother went potty.  Some days she was OK with it and other days she wasn't.  She sat on the potty with her diaper on more than with it off lol.  But at 19 months she started asking to go potty constantly and was actually using the potty every time with minimal accidents in her diaper.  So just after she turned 20 months I put the diapers away and put big girl panties on her, she was thrilled.  Since then she has rarely had more than 1 accident each day, pee accidents that is, she is still having a very hard time pooping on the potty for us but we're just taking it one day at a time.  It's nice to be down to just one in diapers again!  Well, one in diapers full time anyway, of course Miss K is still in a diaper through the night and I'm still putting one on her during nap though most of the time she wakes up dry.

Everyone else is doing great!  We can't wait for summer to grace us with its presence lol.  This Utah mountain weather is really annoying at times.  We've been going through many cold, miserable days with a bit of snow here and there and then suddenly we'll have 2-3 days of 70-75 degrees and sunshine but then after that small tease we're back to the cold, miserable snow days again.  Mother Nature really needs to make up her mind and just stick to one or the other.

Miracle Ryker

A year ago I posted about a sweet baby boy I had started following on Facebook and Blogger.  Miracle Ryker is from Utah, his parents found out he had Heterotaxy and a list of heart defects and decided to share their story with the world via Facebook.  I can't remember how I found out about them just before their baby was born but I do remember sitting next to them in the Cardiology waiting room at PCMC while there for one of Miss K's check-ups.  I didn't say anything to them, all I did was smile and nod understandingly as they sat there waiting for their turn, Rachel was still expecting Ryker and I remember thinking how sad it was to see a young couple in there before even meeting their baby.

I followed Ryker's story from day one and fell in love with him and his amazing family.  Just days after delivering Ryker and being told to take him home and love him, he wouldn't live more than 8 days, Ryker's sweet family decided to do all they could to save their son, they looked into Boston Children's and decided that's where they were supposed to be.  Ryker's parents did all they could to get him to Boston for the best medical treatment available.  They spent 14 months there, all but 8 weeks of that was in the hospital.  Amazingly they were able to take Ryker to their Boston home for 8 whole weeks and then it all came crashing down.  On April 26th Ryker lost his fight.  Ryker is now pain free and perfect and whole in heaven.

I was devastated when I logged on to Facebook and the first post that came up was "At exactly 9:40am EST our sweet little Ryker earned his Angel Wings & left this earth to be in the loving arms of our Heavenly Father. We don't know how we will possibly make it through the night tonight without our little Miracle, let alone a lifetime! We love you Ryker, with all our whole hearts & we'll miss you more than words could ever possibly describe!!!"  I cried my eyes out.  So heartbreaking.

The heartbreak got worse as the week went on and I kept seeing posts from Miracle Ryker's page asking for donations and help preparing for his viewing and celebration of life services.  I wish I could have helped them in some way but all I could do was offer my love and support.  I attended Ryker's viewing Friday May 3rd.  I didn't know if Rachel would know who I was, I spent a lot of my time standing in line trying to figure out how to let her know who I was.  She and I had spoken over the phone a few times and I had helped her create a beautiful canvas through my company Heritage Makers, a few consultant friends of mine joined me in donating the money for Rachel to publish the canvas.  I was surprised when it was my turn to give my respects, I walked up to the Warner family ready to have to explain myself when Rachel looked up from her temporary distraction and cried "LaCee!  You came!", her tears flowed and she put her arms around me in a tight, heart wrenching hug.  She went on to tell me how sweet I was and how grateful she was to see me.  In my shock at not needing to tell her who I was, I completely lost all words.  All I could do was let the tears fall and hold this sweet woman.  I only wish I could have prevented myself from freezing up, like I tend to do, there were so many things I really wanted to say...I wanted to let her know how much I looked up to her and her family, how amazing she is as a mother, how strong she is and how lucky her children are to call her "Mom", so many things I wanted to say that all just got lost in my tears.  I am so grateful I went.  I wish with all my heart I could have made it to Ryker's celebration of life the next day.

Fly high sweet Ryker.


Heart Murmurs

Little D had his 2 month well child exam this week, he's doing great :o).  And I absolutely love our Pediatrician, he is so on track and knows everything that's going on with his patients.  The minute he walked into the exam room he said "so a healthy, clean heart report from the Cardiologist huh?", he had received and reviewed the notes from Miss K's EP Cardiologist about Little D.  Strange he did not mentioned the murmur he had heard.  When I told the Pediatrician that the EP Cardiologist had heard a murmur he was quick to listen for himself.  He said that if I hadn't of mentioned it he never would have heard the murmur because it's so faint you'd have to be listening for it specifically to hear it.  This is apparently a very good thing.  He explained the murmur is just the blood flow from heart to lungs make a small turn about before completing the cycle, not necessarily a hole in his heart anywhere.  Completely normal and should be outgrown quite soon.

I mentioned Miss K's new found murmur while we were there, I was disappointed that I was not able to take Miss K with me to this appointment, I'm still not comfortable taking her and the baby anywhere alone since she still needs to be carried through parking lots and public places and the baby also needs carrying, I'm not that talented yet lol.  I wanted to know his thoughts anyway, even if he couldn't have a listen for himself.  He was wonderful about explaining it.  Apparently when a murmur is suddenly heard in an older child it means it has always been there, it's nothing new.  When the murmur is found later in childhood it's an existing hole that was very large in the beginning and the blood flow through it was moving so fast that it makes it sound like a normal heart sound, they are usually seen on an echo if one happens to be done, as the hole gets smaller with the child's growth it is more and more noticeably heard with a stethoscope.  This would be the reason Miss K's EP Cardiologist was surprised to hear the murmur at her last appointment, she has had so many echo's and EKG's that it is strange for them to have not found it before.  I'm not sure what to think here.  In a way I'm relieved they never found it before, but I'm also nervous about it.  If they had seen it on an echo in her first few weeks of life they may have likely panicked and, depending on where it is and how bad it is, she may have been sent in for open heart surgery to close it.  It's a possibility this hole has been the cause of her persistent SVT, if so, and we had had open heart surgery, she may not have had to battle SVT at all afterwards, which definitely would have been wonderful.  But, I am so relieved they did not find this hole and that it did not need repair when she was little.  I could not have handled open heart surgery on my tiny baby and I am very happy we did not have to go through that.  I'm also extremely thankful that this hole hasn't caused any issues with her, other than possibly being the cause of her SVT, it would have been scary to have other issues with her heart.

I'm happy to say I feel a bit better after this little chat with the Pediatrician.  He made it all sound OK, and it's definitely a good thing that this hole in her heart is getting smaller.

On another note...Miss K has made it 4 months SVT free!  This is THE longest stretch we have ever had between episodes.  YAY MISS K!  Here's to hoping this stretch is a very, very long one.  6 months or a year SVT free would be heavenly :o).  Dang, I sure hope I didn't jinx it by typing this up.  Everyone **Knock on wood** a few times for us!


Cardiology Visit

Today went quite well at the EP Cardiologist!  And he was kind enough to take some time to check Little D's heart as well for my own peace of mind :o).

Miss K first...

Still weighing in at 18 pounds even.  And has decided she hates the blood pressure cuff and the EKG "stickers" though she is totally fine with the doctors listening to her heart with a stethoscope lol.  Her EKG is perfectly normal.  Her heart rate was 110 BPM.  Blood pressure was a bit high but she was wiggling through the check so the assistant is sure it wasn't accurate.  The EP Cardiologist listened to her heart extra long today and diagnosed her with having a small murmur :o(, something we did not know before.  But he's not concerned mainly because her EKG is normal.  Now I am concerned though lol, my Mommy brain is working extra hard on it wondering if it's a genetic thing or if it was caused by medications or SVT episodes, etc., etc., etc.  As long as the EP Cardiologist is keeping an eye on her I may be able to relax though, and lucky for us I don't have the time to research it to a large extent and have "Dr. Google" scare me lol.  Miss K is doing great on her 3.2mL Propanolol 3 times a day and 1.2mL Digoxin twice a day.  We have seen no SVT episodes since just before Christmas **Knock on wood!** and the EP Cardiologist was happy to hear it, especially happy to hear it wasn't unexplained, that it was caused by a fever and dehydration and it was easy to break.  We haven't talked to him in person since before he prescribed Digoxin over the phone so today he talked a bit more in depth about his thoughts on that.  He said normally when a child is started on a medication like Amiodarone they are not able to put them on a beta blocker successfully, Miss K is a rare case and he is surprised we have been successful putting her on the Digoxin after taking her off of Amiodarone :o).  So the new plan is to keep her on her current medications and doses and wait and see what happens.  Little did I know this follow up schedule we've been following is not "normal" protocol for SVT patients, to us it is "normal" because it's all we know.  Today our EP Cardiologist told us he usually see's his SVT patients 2 months after initial diagnosis and then every 6 months until 18 months old and then he moves them to once a year until all is well.  Miss K went every 2 months from the day of diagnosis and wasn't moved to 6 month "status" until she was 13 months old, now at 19 months she's still at 6 month "status" unless I feel she is doing great and I'm not concerned about anything, in which case I can push her next appointment to a year.  So, other than her new murmur, Miss K is doing great with her PJRT :o).

Little D...

Birth weight was 7 pounds 4 ounces and length was 18 inches...he's now 5 weeks old and weighs 10 pounds 1 ounce and is 23.5 inches.  He's most definitely growing well, he has Big Brother and Miss K beat on the weight at this point as both of them took until 4-5 months old to hit 10 pounds lol.  We did not do an EKG, the EP Cardiologist did not feel it was necessary today, we did try to get a blood pressure but he wouldn't hold still so we never got a reading at all.  The EP Cardiologist listened to his heart for a good, long time and diagnosed him with a murmur as well :o(.  As of right now he feels it's a normal newborn murmur that he will most likely outgrow.  He does not want any follow up appointments with him, he just told me to ask the Pediatrician if he heard it at his 2 week check up and to ask him to keep a close eye on it himself, if the Pediatrician feels it's a complication he will send us to the Cardiologist in the future.

After hearing that two of my littles have a heart murmur I am concerned about Big Brother.  I wish I could have predicted this, I would have taken Big Brother into the exam room with me rather than leaving him with Grandma in the waiting area, this way the EP Cardiologist could have listened to his heart as well.  Now I plan to take Big Brother with me to Little D's 2 month well child exam and ask our Pediatrician to listen very well and make sure he doesn't hear anything.  Yes, I'm being paranoid Mommy here but I need to know that all 3 of my kiddos are OK.  On a lighter note here, we did have Big Brother checked out by the Pediatrician last fall when he told me his heart was "growling" at him and "beating faster", they even went as far as doing an EKG for my peace of mind and it came back normal, the Pediatrician decided it was more than likely Big Brother's Reflux rearing it's head again rather than anything to do with his heart.  At least we have had a normal EKG reading and I can feel that IF he has a murmur it's apparently not affecting him in any harmful way.  I will update when I get him in to be checked out.

Whew.  What a long day dragging 3 kids around all day, so glad I didn't try that adventure alone!  I asked my mom to come with and she ended up bringing my little sister so I had 4 extra hands and it was a very good thing, Grandma was able to help with Big Brother in the waiting area (my little sister's choice since she didn't feel comfortable waiting out there without an adult {she's only 13}) and my sister came to the exam room with me to help with the two kids, which was a huge help since it ended up being extremely chaotic WITH her help, I can't imagine how much harder it would have been with just me in there!  So glad the day is over, even with the new information and worries, at least we all made it through our first real adventure out of the house with 3 kids lol, not sure I want to do it again for quite a while.


18 Month Well Exam

Miss K had her 18 month well child check-up on February 15, yes that was about 2 weeks ago and I am very late updating about it lol.  Having a newborn plus 2 kids under age 4 has been crazy busy around here!

Miss K is weighing in at a tiny 18 pounds even and is just over 36 inches tall.  She may not weigh much but she sure looks pudgy!  She has rolls and dimples that Big Brother never had lol.  The Pediatrician was impressed with her, he's not a bit concerned with her weight, she's as healthy as can be (aside from her PJRT) and he doesn't feel there's any problem as of right now.  Everything else checked out perfectly.  And speaking of that little heart, thus far we have made it 2 months SVT free **Knock on wood** (lol).  She's had missed or 1/2 doses of her Propanolol a few times due to spitting it out for some odd reason, she's usually really great about swallowing it but on some rare occasions she will dribble it down her chin loosing some or all of the dose.  But these missed doses have not caused SVT (yay!).  She has also had crying fits with breath holding that we were sure would cause an episode but, thankfully, they have not yet.  And she loves to throw major tantrums, she kicks, screams, holds her breath, and throws herself down on the floor slamming her head down with all her body weight (thus making the tantrum worse because then she is also injured and screaming harder from that, go figure!), these tantrums always make us nervous as she gets herself so worked up her heart is racing and she is flushed from the exertion but her little heart keeps a normal rhythm never going much over 120 BPM during these fits.

Miss K has been on the same dosage of her medications since October 2012, nearly 6 months of no medication adjustments is so good for her!  But we have to keep in mind that she hasn't gained significant weight since the last medication adjustment so that's most likely the biggest factor in not needing more of one or the other.  So as of right now Miss K is taking 3mL Propanolol 3 times daily and 1.2mL Digoxin twice daily.

Miss K's next Cardiology appointment is in 1 week, March 12.  I'm excited to hear how the EP Cardiologist feels she is doing.  I am tempted to ask for a Holter monitor to see if she is having episodes we don't know about, I swear there have been a few times I have checked her heart with my hand or ear and it was surely in SVT but within the time it takes to grab a stethoscope her heart rate has changed and I have found that it is beating normal and fine, I really wonder if she is having episodes we don't catch and is converting out of them on her own, this would be a huge miracle for her since she has never in her 18 months of life converted out of SVT without a Physical Maneuver.  But I hope I am very wrong, all I ever hope for is for her to truly be SVT free and eventually outgrow her PJRT!

Somehow we have been able to all stay healthy since our bout of the Flu back in December, again **knock on wood**!  I hope we can all keep up this good health, it's nearly spring so flu and cold season should be coming to an end real soon.  With a newborn in the house I have been extra cautious, I am determined to keep him healthy!  RSV has been so bad this year I constantly fear any illness coming into our home and putting Little D in the hospital.  I am so grateful we are almost past that time of year.

I will be back with another Miss K update sometime next week, I'm sure it will be all great news from the EP Cardiologist :o).


New Baby Brother

This past weekend, February 3rd, 2013, Miss K welcomed a new baby brother :o).  We'll call him Little D here :o).  I was so concerned about his heart health!  I was terrified of having another SVT baby.  I was sure to tell the Labor and Delivery nurse about Miss K's condition and I asked that Little D be watched closely once he was here.  The nursing staff at our hospital was beyond awesome about this!  The minute Little D was born they did a Pulse Ox test on him and thoroughly listened to his heart and lungs.  He was perfect :o).  Since I deliver my babies via c-section our hospital stays are 3-4 days long so we were in the hospital for a while.  Through our stay the nursing staff was sure to take Little D to the nursery every 12 hours for a thorough workup, they did a pulse ox test every 12 hours and when the on call pediatrician assigned to Little D came in every morning the nursing staff had him listen to Little D's heart.  It made me feel so reassured knowing the hospital staff took me quite seriously when I voiced my concerns and they were wonderful making sure Little D's heart really was OK.  It has been an adjustment realizing we can let this little guy cry and get upset lol, at first I was way too quick to make the crying stop for fear of his heart.  And yes, I have been paranoid enough to put my ear to Little D's chest at least twice a day, especially after a real good crying fit or a very long stretch of sleeping without much movement, to make sure his little heart is beating normal and steady.  I don't think I'll ever get over this paranoia.

Thus far our new little guy is 100% healthy and fine :o).  And Miss K absolutely loves him.  She is constantly giving him hugs and kisses and asking where the baby is when she can't seem to find him herself.  Big Brother also loves the new baby, he is excited to have a new playmate and keeps telling us he can't wait for Little D to be big enough to play with toys with him.

I had to be brave this past week and leave Miss K and Big Brother with Grandma and Grandpa while we welcomed our new little one.  I stressed the whole time and for good reason, lol.  The one and only time we did not call Grandma and remind her to give Miss K her medications Grandma forgot to do so and Miss K was over 3 hours off of her medication schedule.  We learned our lesson, just because Grandma gets exasperated with us for calling to remind her and every time without fail has already given the medications does not mean that she will not forget eventually ;o).  But other than that slight mistake, that Grandma learned from big time because she then had to stay awake until midnight to give Miss K her bedtime dose and neither of them were too happy about it lol, Miss K and her grandparents and Big Brother did great :o).  No SVT episodes, we're actually past the 1 month mark since the last episode :o).  I feel the Digoxin is actually working better than the Amiodarone was and I am happy we made the decision to try it out :o).

I called the Cardiologist yesterday and made Miss K's 6 month follow up appointment.  It feels like it's been ages since we last saw her EP Cardiologist!  I'm loving the long stretch between appointments, it makes me feel like things are going to go to a more normal pace for us now without having to see the Cardiologist every 2 months :o).



I recently got a bit curious about a certain possible side effect of either Propanolol or Digoxin in children.  Miss K is such a very tiny little girl, she has only gained 2 pounds in 10 months and is a bit on the short side.  I haven't been too bothered by this until recently since she was 15 months and weighed roughly 18 pounds and now, 3 months later, she is still sitting around 18 pounds I realized she was around that same weight at 12 months as well.  Seems a bit off to me.  Neither of her doctors have mentioned any concern about weight though.  So I tried looking up any possibilities of stunted growth while on either or both Propanolol and Digoxin.  I came up with nothing so far.  But I have asked other SVT momma's if they've noticed lack of growth in their children who are on these same medications, I'm waiting on answers and it may take a while.  But while researching tonight I came across something interesting that I have not found before.  I was on www.kidshealth.org reading about Propanolol when I came across this note:

Limit your child's use of caffeine and chocolate. Use with this drug (Propanolol) may cause nervousness, shakiness, and a fast heartbeat. **click here**

Well!  No wonder Miss K has episodes of SVT when she eats chocolate!  We have always just attributed it to the PJRT itself but never thought about it being because of one of her medications!  So mixing chocolate (or caffeine) with Propanolol can cause a fast heart rate.  That's just great, as if chocolate and caffeine naturally causing fast heart rate on it's own isn't enough we now have to worry about the medication aiding in this fast heart rate from chocolate lol.

So for those of you who read this and have a child using Propanolol be aware!  And for those of you who read this who are family or friends of ours please remember this and don't give Miss K chocolate or caffeine without asking us first!