4 Months SVT FREE!

I never thought I would EVER get to say "Miss K has been SVT free for over 4 months".  This is a huge milestone for her!  Her last SVT episode was mid December 2012.  I'd love to say I have relaxed but I'm actually not calm about this at all, I keep waiting for the bomb to drop, it's like we're walking on egg shells and any moment they're all going to smash to dust.  The absolute longest Miss K has ever gone SVT free was 3 months.  We're a month past that and still moving right along.  I really hope I didn't jinx it by telling everyone.  Let's all just **Knock on Wood** just in case.

About a month ago we found an app for checking heart rate.  Daddy just recently upgraded to a smart phone a few months ago and we were eager to see what there was for heart apps.  Amazingly we found a whole bunch of heart rate apps for free.  We downloaded a few and tried them all on Miss K and ourselves to find which one seemed most accurate.  Turns out the best free heart rate app we found is called Cardiograph and it works pretty well if used correctly.  So now whenever we feel we need to check Miss K's heart we pull out one of our phones and get the Cardiograph app going.  Of course she hasn't had any SVT episodes for us to see if it will chart a heart rate that high but that's OK, I'd rather not know at all than have her go into SVT and get to try it out.

Miss K is doing great.  She's been very cranky with her Eye Teeth (or Canine Teeth) slowly coming in.  They're taking their dear sweet time and putting her through a lot of misery, I wish they would just pop through and be done but instead they come in and then swell up and disappear again.  The poor thing is grinding her teeth and chewing on anything soft that she can get her hands on.  She is also refusing to eat a lot of foods, practically living off of yogurt lately, she likes the cold on her teeth and it doesn't take any work to chew it up.

She is potty training as well.  Yes, I do encourage early potty training.  Big Brother started potty training at 21 months, my choice, not his, but he was ready and didn't argue it one bit, by 22 months he was completely potty trained and mostly accident free.  Miss K has a very different personality than Big Brother though so I did not plan to just drop everything and take a week potty training her.  I knew to take my time and let her decide it was time on her own.  At 18 months old she decided that if Big Brother was peeing on the potty she needed to as well, she surprised us by asking to go potty out of the blue one day.  After that first day we pulled out our potty training frog potty and put it in the bathroom Big Brother uses, from then on we encouraged her to use the frog potty any time Big Brother went potty.  Some days she was OK with it and other days she wasn't.  She sat on the potty with her diaper on more than with it off lol.  But at 19 months she started asking to go potty constantly and was actually using the potty every time with minimal accidents in her diaper.  So just after she turned 20 months I put the diapers away and put big girl panties on her, she was thrilled.  Since then she has rarely had more than 1 accident each day, pee accidents that is, she is still having a very hard time pooping on the potty for us but we're just taking it one day at a time.  It's nice to be down to just one in diapers again!  Well, one in diapers full time anyway, of course Miss K is still in a diaper through the night and I'm still putting one on her during nap though most of the time she wakes up dry.

Everyone else is doing great!  We can't wait for summer to grace us with its presence lol.  This Utah mountain weather is really annoying at times.  We've been going through many cold, miserable days with a bit of snow here and there and then suddenly we'll have 2-3 days of 70-75 degrees and sunshine but then after that small tease we're back to the cold, miserable snow days again.  Mother Nature really needs to make up her mind and just stick to one or the other.

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