Miracle Ryker

A year ago I posted about a sweet baby boy I had started following on Facebook and Blogger.  Miracle Ryker is from Utah, his parents found out he had Heterotaxy and a list of heart defects and decided to share their story with the world via Facebook.  I can't remember how I found out about them just before their baby was born but I do remember sitting next to them in the Cardiology waiting room at PCMC while there for one of Miss K's check-ups.  I didn't say anything to them, all I did was smile and nod understandingly as they sat there waiting for their turn, Rachel was still expecting Ryker and I remember thinking how sad it was to see a young couple in there before even meeting their baby.

I followed Ryker's story from day one and fell in love with him and his amazing family.  Just days after delivering Ryker and being told to take him home and love him, he wouldn't live more than 8 days, Ryker's sweet family decided to do all they could to save their son, they looked into Boston Children's and decided that's where they were supposed to be.  Ryker's parents did all they could to get him to Boston for the best medical treatment available.  They spent 14 months there, all but 8 weeks of that was in the hospital.  Amazingly they were able to take Ryker to their Boston home for 8 whole weeks and then it all came crashing down.  On April 26th Ryker lost his fight.  Ryker is now pain free and perfect and whole in heaven.

I was devastated when I logged on to Facebook and the first post that came up was "At exactly 9:40am EST our sweet little Ryker earned his Angel Wings & left this earth to be in the loving arms of our Heavenly Father. We don't know how we will possibly make it through the night tonight without our little Miracle, let alone a lifetime! We love you Ryker, with all our whole hearts & we'll miss you more than words could ever possibly describe!!!"  I cried my eyes out.  So heartbreaking.

The heartbreak got worse as the week went on and I kept seeing posts from Miracle Ryker's page asking for donations and help preparing for his viewing and celebration of life services.  I wish I could have helped them in some way but all I could do was offer my love and support.  I attended Ryker's viewing Friday May 3rd.  I didn't know if Rachel would know who I was, I spent a lot of my time standing in line trying to figure out how to let her know who I was.  She and I had spoken over the phone a few times and I had helped her create a beautiful canvas through my company Heritage Makers, a few consultant friends of mine joined me in donating the money for Rachel to publish the canvas.  I was surprised when it was my turn to give my respects, I walked up to the Warner family ready to have to explain myself when Rachel looked up from her temporary distraction and cried "LaCee!  You came!", her tears flowed and she put her arms around me in a tight, heart wrenching hug.  She went on to tell me how sweet I was and how grateful she was to see me.  In my shock at not needing to tell her who I was, I completely lost all words.  All I could do was let the tears fall and hold this sweet woman.  I only wish I could have prevented myself from freezing up, like I tend to do, there were so many things I really wanted to say...I wanted to let her know how much I looked up to her and her family, how amazing she is as a mother, how strong she is and how lucky her children are to call her "Mom", so many things I wanted to say that all just got lost in my tears.  I am so grateful I went.  I wish with all my heart I could have made it to Ryker's celebration of life the next day.

Fly high sweet Ryker.

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