6 Months SVT Free!

I am amazed to get to post this update, I never thought we'd ever go 6 months SVT free.  It seems Miss K is on a roll!

Last week Miss K did have us a bit worried for a few days, she was a tiny bit listless, really tired (asking for naps 2-3 times a day and going to bed early only to sleep in past 10:00am) and just not acting right, she looked miserable through the eyes.  But she never ran a fever or had any symptoms of illness and her heart rate stayed slow and steady.  After her worst day I decided to give her until the next morning before calling someone, the plan being to call her Pediatrician and ask him what to do and then call Cardiology if advised.  She woke up that next morning acting and seemingly feeling fine though so I didn't make any phone calls and we decided she was OK.

This past weekend Big Brother got a nasty virus, the only symptoms being a very high fever (averaging 104), a headache and body aches and very, very tired.  Nothing else.  All we could do was hope Miss K and Baby Brother didn't get it!  Big Brother's fever broke about 48 hours after it started, the body aches and headache went away soon after but he still isn't feeling 100% and is taking a nap daily (he never naps anymore) something is still lingering.  We had hoped Miss K had gotten it first and passed it on to Big Brother, for all we knew her few off days last week could have been the same virus minus the fever.  Sadly Miss K started with the fever Monday afternoon, and all day she had been cranky and acting like she didn't feel well.  It was apparent she was getting the virus.  We did all we could to keep the fever down hoping to avoid the inevitable SVT caused by fever.  She hasn't felt well at all.  I'm thinking her PJRT and her heart medications are making it harder for her to kick this virus.  She has had a fever off and on for 3 days now and is still listless and tired, falling asleep at odd times of the day and in odd places.  Big Brother was over the fever and the worst parts of the virus within 48 hours.  We've been keeping an eye on her heart rate through this and amazingly she has done wonderful!  Even at the fever's highest point she has not had any SVT.  We are so proud of her!

Now Miss K has proven she can finally make it through a fever without SVT, YAY!  We're hoping this is a great sign.  I know we were given the OK to wait a year to see her EP Cardiologist if we felt she was doing great but I really think if she's still doing this great 6 months from the last visit I will take her in so we can talk about bringing her down on one or both medications :o).

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