Bradycardic Episodes Update...

We finally got a call from Miss K's EP Cardiologist, it took a few days because of our state holiday and then I was out of town and outside of mobile service so I didn't get to speak with him directly, I just received the message this afternoon.  The Holter Monitor reading came in and he looked through it thoroughly, Miss K does indeed drop her heart rate to the low 50's very occasionally but never for more than a second or so, he said the longest her heart rate was in the 50's was about 1.3 seconds and her average heart rate was 92 BPM.  This is all good, everything he expects to see in a child taking 2 Beta Blockers.

I am relieved to hear that she is OK and no SVT was caught with the monitor either, such a huge relief!

As of right now she is to stay on the same 3.2 mL 3x daily Propanolol and 1.2 mL 2x daily Digoxin.  She will be seeing him in September for a follow up, I am a bit disappointed to be taking her in since I had hoped to stay away from a visit for a year but her EP Cardiologist feels he should see her at the 6 month mark to see how things are going and talk about future medication changes.  He likes to have a game plan and it's time to talk about what we need to do in the future.

On a side note, last week with all the craziness of packing to go on a family camping trip I completely forgot to issue Miss K's afternoon dose of Propanolol Tuesday.  We waited on egg shells the next few days, while camping, expecting an SVT episode because she has always had SVT after skipping a dose, I was terrified of being out in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone service and 30 minutes from the nearest hospital knowing that we had skipped a dose and SVT was possibly inevitable.  We checked her heart rate constantly throughout the week and weekend and were extremely shocked to never catch any SVT!  I am amazed at how far our sweet little girl has come.  She is doing so great and kicking her PJRT in the butt :).

And while camping I noticed at least 1 new molar coming in, this means the cause of her tired moments and off times was most likely teething, I'm so glad to have found a reason for her to have been acting out of sorts!

Our dirty little princess enjoying playing in the dirt while camping this past weekend.

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