Miss K is 2 Years Old

Very bitter sweet.  I am so proud of my baby girl for hitting her 2nd birthday and doing so well in the past year!  Of course I am happy she is growing and changing into a beautiful little girl.  But I am so sad to see the baby leave and the little girl come.  She has been our "baby girl" for 2 years, we still call her baby girl around here, but in the past few weeks she has changed a lot in many ways, not only does she no longer act like a baby but she also no longer looks like a baby.  She has completely lost the baby looks and gained the little girl looks, but of course she is still adorable.
Miss K now weighs 20.4 pounds and is 33.4 inches tall.

She is doing great!  We have now made it almost 8 months SVT free, a very amazing big deal for Miss K.  The most amazing part is the 2 fevers she has endured and made it through with no SVT, her heart rate barely went up enough for us to even notice a faster rhythm than normal.  She has also made it through not 1 but 2 missed doses of Propanolol and had absolutely NO SVT, quite the change from her normal SVT episodes within 24 hours of the missed dose!  I posted about missing a dose just before July 24th but I have yet to mention the next missed dose...just this past weekend while visiting her grandparents, Daddy was out of town and Mommy was quite tired and distracted and somehow completely forgot the morning dose of both Propanolol and Digoxin, I didn't realize I had missed them until around 1:30PM, yes that's right it took clear until afternoon and around the time for her usual 2nd dose for the day before I realized we had missed her morning dose.  I opted to just consider the Propanolol afternoon dose skipped and gave her what would have been her normal morning dose at that time, then at bedtime I gave her her evening dose of both.  I worried that since we had missed a dose barely a week before that she would have SVT from this missed dose but I was pleasantly surprised to never catch any SVT :o).  I know without a doubt her EP Cardiologist is going to love hearing this news.

Miss K is our amazingly mischievous little princess.  She is into every kind of mischief possible, things her older brother never would have dreamed up doing she is quick to discover and is great at making Mommy go completely nuts throughout the day.  She is very active and very fast, before I can get one mess of hers cleaned up she is making/into another mess.  She is adorably lovable and full of snuggly hugs.  She loves to be snuggled and loved on, when she's not too busy anyway.  She is a princess without a doubt.  She loves to play dress up, take care of her baby dolls, have her nails painted, have Mommy put eye shadow on her, wear jewelry, have her hair done, were hair bows and flowers, she absolutely loves to wear dresses, and her favorite and most preferred color is PINK.

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