New Baby Brother

This past weekend, February 3rd, 2013, Miss K welcomed a new baby brother :o).  We'll call him Little D here :o).  I was so concerned about his heart health!  I was terrified of having another SVT baby.  I was sure to tell the Labor and Delivery nurse about Miss K's condition and I asked that Little D be watched closely once he was here.  The nursing staff at our hospital was beyond awesome about this!  The minute Little D was born they did a Pulse Ox test on him and thoroughly listened to his heart and lungs.  He was perfect :o).  Since I deliver my babies via c-section our hospital stays are 3-4 days long so we were in the hospital for a while.  Through our stay the nursing staff was sure to take Little D to the nursery every 12 hours for a thorough workup, they did a pulse ox test every 12 hours and when the on call pediatrician assigned to Little D came in every morning the nursing staff had him listen to Little D's heart.  It made me feel so reassured knowing the hospital staff took me quite seriously when I voiced my concerns and they were wonderful making sure Little D's heart really was OK.  It has been an adjustment realizing we can let this little guy cry and get upset lol, at first I was way too quick to make the crying stop for fear of his heart.  And yes, I have been paranoid enough to put my ear to Little D's chest at least twice a day, especially after a real good crying fit or a very long stretch of sleeping without much movement, to make sure his little heart is beating normal and steady.  I don't think I'll ever get over this paranoia.

Thus far our new little guy is 100% healthy and fine :o).  And Miss K absolutely loves him.  She is constantly giving him hugs and kisses and asking where the baby is when she can't seem to find him herself.  Big Brother also loves the new baby, he is excited to have a new playmate and keeps telling us he can't wait for Little D to be big enough to play with toys with him.

I had to be brave this past week and leave Miss K and Big Brother with Grandma and Grandpa while we welcomed our new little one.  I stressed the whole time and for good reason, lol.  The one and only time we did not call Grandma and remind her to give Miss K her medications Grandma forgot to do so and Miss K was over 3 hours off of her medication schedule.  We learned our lesson, just because Grandma gets exasperated with us for calling to remind her and every time without fail has already given the medications does not mean that she will not forget eventually ;o).  But other than that slight mistake, that Grandma learned from big time because she then had to stay awake until midnight to give Miss K her bedtime dose and neither of them were too happy about it lol, Miss K and her grandparents and Big Brother did great :o).  No SVT episodes, we're actually past the 1 month mark since the last episode :o).  I feel the Digoxin is actually working better than the Amiodarone was and I am happy we made the decision to try it out :o).

I called the Cardiologist yesterday and made Miss K's 6 month follow up appointment.  It feels like it's been ages since we last saw her EP Cardiologist!  I'm loving the long stretch between appointments, it makes me feel like things are going to go to a more normal pace for us now without having to see the Cardiologist every 2 months :o).

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  1. Congratulations on your new little one! So glad his heart checks out great=)
    Thanks for your blog! It has been a huge help for us to read about someone who is going through what we are. Praying for Miss K and the rest of your family!