18 Month Well Exam

Miss K had her 18 month well child check-up on February 15, yes that was about 2 weeks ago and I am very late updating about it lol.  Having a newborn plus 2 kids under age 4 has been crazy busy around here!

Miss K is weighing in at a tiny 18 pounds even and is just over 36 inches tall.  She may not weigh much but she sure looks pudgy!  She has rolls and dimples that Big Brother never had lol.  The Pediatrician was impressed with her, he's not a bit concerned with her weight, she's as healthy as can be (aside from her PJRT) and he doesn't feel there's any problem as of right now.  Everything else checked out perfectly.  And speaking of that little heart, thus far we have made it 2 months SVT free **Knock on wood** (lol).  She's had missed or 1/2 doses of her Propanolol a few times due to spitting it out for some odd reason, she's usually really great about swallowing it but on some rare occasions she will dribble it down her chin loosing some or all of the dose.  But these missed doses have not caused SVT (yay!).  She has also had crying fits with breath holding that we were sure would cause an episode but, thankfully, they have not yet.  And she loves to throw major tantrums, she kicks, screams, holds her breath, and throws herself down on the floor slamming her head down with all her body weight (thus making the tantrum worse because then she is also injured and screaming harder from that, go figure!), these tantrums always make us nervous as she gets herself so worked up her heart is racing and she is flushed from the exertion but her little heart keeps a normal rhythm never going much over 120 BPM during these fits.

Miss K has been on the same dosage of her medications since October 2012, nearly 6 months of no medication adjustments is so good for her!  But we have to keep in mind that she hasn't gained significant weight since the last medication adjustment so that's most likely the biggest factor in not needing more of one or the other.  So as of right now Miss K is taking 3mL Propanolol 3 times daily and 1.2mL Digoxin twice daily.

Miss K's next Cardiology appointment is in 1 week, March 12.  I'm excited to hear how the EP Cardiologist feels she is doing.  I am tempted to ask for a Holter monitor to see if she is having episodes we don't know about, I swear there have been a few times I have checked her heart with my hand or ear and it was surely in SVT but within the time it takes to grab a stethoscope her heart rate has changed and I have found that it is beating normal and fine, I really wonder if she is having episodes we don't catch and is converting out of them on her own, this would be a huge miracle for her since she has never in her 18 months of life converted out of SVT without a Physical Maneuver.  But I hope I am very wrong, all I ever hope for is for her to truly be SVT free and eventually outgrow her PJRT!

Somehow we have been able to all stay healthy since our bout of the Flu back in December, again **knock on wood**!  I hope we can all keep up this good health, it's nearly spring so flu and cold season should be coming to an end real soon.  With a newborn in the house I have been extra cautious, I am determined to keep him healthy!  RSV has been so bad this year I constantly fear any illness coming into our home and putting Little D in the hospital.  I am so grateful we are almost past that time of year.

I will be back with another Miss K update sometime next week, I'm sure it will be all great news from the EP Cardiologist :o).

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