SVT Episode

I got the living daylights scared out of me today :o(.  Miss K decided to have her first SVT episode in over 3 months.  I panicked...

I wish I could say what caused the episode and how long she was in it before I realized something was wrong...I feel horrible for not knowing, I feel like the worst mom on earth :o(.

I'm almost sure she just sporadically went into SVT without cause.  I think it happened just before I picked her up at one time.  As I was picking her up she started to cry like I'd hurt her, though I'd done nothing to cause her any pain, I thought maybe she just had a gas bubble because sometimes when the bubble is really bad she'll cry like that.  It took me a few minutes to get her calmed down then she seemed fine.  I played with her and even got her to giggle.  She got really mellow after a few minutes of play and just sat on my lap with her back to my chest.  When she sits like this I almost always put my hand over her heart and concentrate on the beats, just out of habit.  She'd actually been sitting like that for about 5 minutes before I realized her heart seemed to be beating kind of hard.  I took her to her bedroom and got out the stethoscope and found that her heart was beating quite quickly though I wasn't sure exactly how fast so I watched the clock and counted it out.  While I was doing this Miss K started to go limp and her head started to nod, I didn't really think too much of it at the moment because she was really tired anyway, it was past her usual nap time.  I ended up estimating her heart to be beating at about 210 BPM.  I panicked.  And she had started to get even more limp, by this point she was even getting unresponsive.  So I did the Physical Maneuver that used to always work on her, I blew in her face.  She didn't like this one at all and she cried but after that she went limp and unresponsive again.  I panicked even more.  I couldn't decide if this was an ice bag situation or what.  I ended up tipping her upside down and bringing her back up, this scared me when she went kind of purple in the face and seemed to quit breathing.  This is the point I started to cry.  I grabbed my phone and called my husband to come home from work (he only works about 5 minutes away, takes him less time to get home and load us up than to call an ambulance, which is also about 5 minutes away from our home).  Then I checked Miss K's heart again, it was definitely beating slower but I didn't bother to call my hubby back.  And then out of the blue Miss K was fine!  Her color was back to normal and she started cooing and playing again.  My husband walked in and rushed to pick her up, he listened to her heart and verified that it was beating at the rate it usually is when he listens to her.  Then I relaxed as he hugged me and we held Miss K together.

I'm really upset by this.  I thought with the medications we were OK now.  And next month is when we were supposed to take her off the Amiodarone to see if she still needs it.  Now I'm pretty sure she does still need it, if she's going to have an episode while on it then she's bound to have more when off, right?  I really want to get her off that toxic medication, but I doubt I'm going to get what I want now.  And I'm down right scared.

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