The Beginning

Birth 8-8-11:
Our story begins August 8, 2011. Our baby girl (who we'll call Miss K throughout this blog) was due to arrive via scheduled c-section on Wednesday August 10, 2011. No medical reason for c-section, just the simple fact that my first baby was delivered that way when my cervix wouldn't open and I never went into labor. Monday August 8 I went to my last routine check up, everything was great just as it had been the whole pregnancy. I arrived home a few hours later after a some quick last minute shopping before baby arrived. After a short nap with our son I woke up to my water breaking, something I didn't plan on considering I had never experienced it with my first baby. I called my doctor who suggested I head to the hospital as soon as I could. When my hubby got home from work we packed up and headed out, calling my parents on the way so they could meet us there and take our son home with them. We arrived at the hospital at 7:30pm and got all checked in, they did some tests on the fluid leaking to see if it was amniotic, the first test was positive but the second was questionable, while they were debating about the second test my water seriously broke, for sure no question, lol!
When my water broke I had a strong contraction and baby's heartbeat skyrocketed, the nurse came in to give me my IV and noticed it, it was so fast the monitor couldn't keep up with it, it was actually halfing the beats it was so fast. Neither nurse could count it out accurately, they were guessing it was over 200 beats per minute.
The next thing I knew they had the on call OB rushing in to hear the heart beat, he really didn't like it. Within seconds the Anesthesiologist was in my room and they were pumping my IV full of all the necessary stuff for surgery. They wheeled me back to the OR and placed my epidural in there. The OB started prepping me and my own OB barely walked in to help just before they started cutting.
Baby sister was born via C-section at 9:25pm. She cried for us. Then they whisked her off to the NICU. Her heartbeat was still too fast, but it had slowed down a little. While in NICU she started grunting while breathing and her heart rate wouldn't slow. They had to give her Adenosine to slow the heartbeat and then checked her lungs to find that her sacks around the lungs weren't expanding on their own. They had to hook her up to a CPAP machine (a breathing machine that gives the effect of putting your head out the window of a fast moving car, this was to give her lungs the extra boost to inflate like needed). They placed an IV to keep fluids and sugars in her and kept an eye on her.
I got to see the baby for a brief second before they rushed her off. As of right now I have not held her yet. It's been rough for me.
At 12:00am the NICU was able to take the baby off all the machines and tubes, except IV of course, and she did great. As of 6:00am she still hadn't needed to be hooked up again and was breathing on her own just fine. Her heart rate is still a concern though and they have called in a Pediatric Cardiologist to come in for a consult about long term care for her.
We are praying that it's nothing serious and that we will be able to feed her today and take her home when I am released on Friday.
Daddy is having about as hard a time as I am though he gets to go down to the NICU and see her whenever he wants to while I am bedridden and waiting on nurses to get me up and moving enough to go down there. Daddy has held her a few times and seen her quite often without tubes hanging all over her.
I'm sitting here waiting as patiently as possible to get to go down and hold her myself for the first time.
She weighed 5 pounds 12 ounces and is 19 inches long. Quite a tiny little thing for as big as we all thought she was going to be! But she doesn't look scrawny like Roo did, in fact she looks like she does have chunk potential :o). She's adorable with a head full of long, dark hair. She's a sweetie and the nurses say she doesn't cry much and handles all the poking and prodding very well for a newborn.

Diagnosis 8-11-11:
Miss K is doing much better. We talked to the cardiologist and he said what happened is she has an extra spark in her heart, kind of a tendon or something, that made it beat faster than it should. The Adenosine they gave her last night at birth to slow her heartbeat down broke that spark. It's not a permanent fix though, it's possible she could have a re-occurance and need to go to the ER for the shot again either in the near future or not until she's older. She could very possibly outgrow this by her first birthday and not have to worry about it again, they may have to put her on a daily medication for this until she's a year old but they're not sure yet. There's also a slight possibility she could have it happen again when she's in her teens. So many "if's" here, not really what we want to hear. But right now she's been given a temporary bill of good health and is doing great. I have been breast feeding her today, she's doing great, we've had 2 great feedings and the nursing staff is impressed with her. They are going to remove her IV in the next few hours because her hand is swelling up from it and instead of placing another one they think she's great to go without so that's awesome news :o). We will be given training on how to check her pulse and heartbeat at home and have been instructed to check it at least twice a day during diaper changes from here on out. They have been awesome to notify our pediatrician of these issues and saved me the trouble of having to remember everything and repeat it.

We're excited to say we most likely will be bringing her home with us when I get to leave Friday morning. Keep us in your prayers.

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  1. We also have had a pjrt svt baby ... where all the monitors before he was born was actually halfing his fast heartrate instead of reading it properly. Our son has had countless doses of adenosine, sotalol, propranolol, atenolol, flecainide .... he is now 6 and has had a successful cardiac cath lab ablation. Feel free to check out our carepage http://www.carepages.com/carepages/LittleLuker