Primary Children's Medical Center 8-30-11

I just realized Miss K turned 3 weeks old yesterday, time has really flown! I can't believe we've spent that whole 3 weeks in the hospital, it doesn't even feel like we had those few short days at home, I can barely remember them :o(.

Miss K made it 38 hours without going into SVT. I blew it this morning though :o(. While feeding her at 4am she ate about 25 minutes on one side, I knew she was done and had eaten more than her fill (her usual is about 10 minutes on one side), she stopped to burp and then the nurse came in to assess her. After her assessment I sat down to rock her and she started rooting around acting hungry so I figured feeding on the other side wouldn't hurt, she ate for about 10 minutes and then started throwing up, I mean really throwing up, she emptied her tummy all over the both of us :o(. I'm sure it was because she was over full, I feel really bad :o(. The throwing up caused her to go into SVT and then she got the hiccups. I had to sit and rock her, she wouldn't come out of SVT on her own though so after 20 minutes I had to blow in her face, I'm proud to say I only had to blow lightly and just once and then she came out of the SVT :o), that's a huge step (See Physical Maneuvers)! But the hiccups didn't go away so I had to hold and rock her for another 1/2 hour before she calmed down and fell asleep. I hate those long interruptions that early in the morning, I was so tired when I finally got to lay back down. Sadly the little cutie was up less than 2 hours later wanting to eat again so I didn't get as much sleep as I would have liked last night.

The Cardiologist came by this morning, even with the SVT happening this morning he was impressed with her progress, he told me we could go home tomorrow :o), YAY!

At about 11:30 this morning she had another SVT episode, we're not sure why she went into it, she just woke up from a nap screaming and was in SVT instantly. I tried blowing in her face multiple times but she just wouldn't calm down long enough to come out of it, the Doctor tried icing her but that didn't work (I honestly don't think he was doing it right, it was his first time to ever do it so it was a learning experience for him). After about 15 minutes of trying to get her out of SVT I finally insisted on feeding her since I knew she was starving and wouldn't quit crying. She stayed in SVT for another 10 minutes and then came out of it on her own while she was eating.

I have no idea what the Cardiologist will have to say about this new episode, they were confident in sending us home before because she comes out of it quickly either on her own or just by me blowing in her face, I hope this episode doesn't change their minds! I still feel like she's doing great and we're more than ready to leave here so I hope my instincts are correct :o).

I stopped in at the Eligibility Counselors office this morning to see what type of financial help they had to offer and to see if we qualify. She brought up Miss K's account and asked if I knew the balance, of course I didn't because I haven't seen any bills yet and I hadn't talked to anyone yet. She scared me to death when she showed me the balance, and I believe it was just for PCMC, I don't think it included the Doctors or specialists charges though I really hope it did! She could have brought up our account for UVMC if I wanted her to but I was feeling way too overwhelmed and hopeless after seeing the first balance so I told her "no", I know I shouldn't have but I didn't feel prepared to know any more than I did at the moment considering Daddy's already opened a bill from there that was $500 or more, it was just for the amniotic fluid test to see if my water had really broken...the test I didn't need because 5 minutes later my water really did break. So, here I go filling out applications for different financial help, I hope we qualify for the best or at least second best help otherwise we'll be struggling. I told Daddy Miss K isn't getting a wedding, lol! He said she's not going to college either unless she pays her own way, lol!

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