Primary Children's Medical Center 8-25-11

Good news, good news, good news today! YAY!

Miss K hasn't had an SVT episode since yesterday morning. The nurse and I were thinking that maybe she was still having SVT occasionally was because of her infiltrated IV, the Amiodarone wasn't getting into her system fast enough. Now that's been fixed and she's been great since! So the Cardiology team came by and said they are very impressed, we lowered her Amiodarone IV drip a little in the middle of the night, they asked that we lower it even more today so we are officially onto the weaning side of things!

The PICU pediatrician team came by, they haven't seen anything significant in her recent belly x-rays. She was supposed to have 3 more stool samples and all 3 needed to come back negative for blood but she hasn't had a poop in almost 24 hours, kind of hard to do that on an empty tummy when it's been empty for over 48 hours right? Today they decided to let me feed her, YAY! So now we could use all the prayers we can get that she's 100% OK in the tummy area, they are still weary about it and want to see absolutely no blood in her stool ever again, they think it should be fine since her heart rate has been normal for so long and should stay normal from here on out.

So this means no more Amiodarone drip within the next 24 hours sometime, no more IV fluid drip as soon as I start feeding her, and no more Zantac drip as soon as her stomach acids get used to food again. I guess that just leaves weaning her off the Keppra drip and getting her onto oral with that, as soon as this happens there will be no more IV's, YAY YAY YAY! I believe tomorrow they will be transferring us upstairs to the regular care unit :o). We're hoping to be home by Sunday, the Doctors laughed at me when I said this but I'm trying to think positively, if not Sunday then hopefully no later than Tuesday morning...Here's to hoping and praying!

It's Roo's 2nd birthday today, I'm so sad I can't be with him right now :o(. But I'm escaping tonight to head down to my parents for icecream and cake with him :o). He and I will spend a peaceful night at home together tonight and a great day together tomorrow then head back down here tomorrow evening for icecream and cake again :o). Daddy will spend Saturday and Sunday at home with Roo and then we'll see what we need to do for next week, we're still hoping to be home all together but if not we'll make some plans for Roo again.

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