Primary Children's Medical Center 8-20-11

Miss K seems to be doing much better. She has been kept on the same dose of her Amiodarone for almost 24 hours now. Through the night she quit going into SVT while eating, YAY! But she started going into it whenever she wakes up from sleeping :o(. The good thing is when she does go into it she gets out of it within seconds or mere minutes every time. We had a pretty OK night, long and uncomfortable sleeping in recliners and chair beds but uninterrupted by anyone besides Miss K herself for feedings. Daddy sleeps like the dead all night, I wake up at every beeping and every time Miss K grunts and cries out. I started out with Miss K in her bassinet sleeping but after the first night feeding I moved her into my arms and just slept with her through the rest of the night, we had an awesome nurse who'd come in when Miss K would cry out, she'd take her from me and change her diaper then give her back for her feeding. I know I've only gotten a total of maybe 12 hours sleep this whole week, it's starting to wear on me but even napping during the day isn't helping. It's going to take weeks to catch up with my lost sleep.

The Cardiologist came in to visit this morning. It wasn't news we wanted to hear but it wasn't bad news either. Miss K is doing great like we hoped, though they don't want her going into SVT at all and she's still doing it occasionally. So the new agenda is to put her back on Propanalol as an extra help with her SVT, they're hoping it will help keep her out of it. The schedule goes as follows:

We've now been on the Amiodarone drip for over 12 hours at the same dose, which was the goal.

The old goal was to wean her from the Amiodarone drip onto the oral Amiodarone after the 12 hour mark of being on the same dose and doing good. The new goal is to stay on the Amiodarone drip and add the Propanalol until she's had 5 doses of Propanalol, each dose administered every 8 hours.

If she's doing good with this and not going into SVT any more then they'll wean her off the Amiodarone drip slowly through 2 doses of the oral Amiodarone. If she's still doing good then they'll take her off the IV and move us to regular care upstairs. They will have to monitor her on the Amiodarone and Propanalol for at least 48 hours, if she's doing GREAT then they'll send us home.

So we're now looking at going home no earlier than next Wednesday. I'm hoping we're not still here on Thursday :o(, it's little Roo's birthday on Thursday and I'd feel awful if we're not home with him by then. The poor little guy has already been through enough separation, but to have to be without us on his birthday would really be tough. I'm not making any plans thus far though, other than to cancel his birthday party I planned and already invited close family to, I know even when we're home I won't be able to throw a party.

We had a flow of visitors yesterday afternoon. It was nice, a great distraction for us :o). Our firsts visitors were my mom and grandma with my little sister and my baby boy :o). I visited with my mom and grandma for a few minutes while I fed Miss K then I left them babysitting her and Daddy and I took Roo down to get some lunch and then out to play in the water fountain outside. It was some good quality time, made me happy but also made me miss him even more :o(. I got permission to take my sister back to see the baby :o), she enjoyed it, she even brought Miss K a tiny bracelet that she made and we put it on her for some accessories since she can't wear clothes :o). Daddy's Aunt and cousin showed up as well and they got to say "hi" to Miss K for a minute.  After everyone left and it all calmed down we got a call on our room phone asking if we knew some visitors waiting outside to come in, turns out it was my visiting teacher and her hubby :o), we had a good visit with them and about 10 minutes after they came the LDS representative couple showed up to see if Miss K could use a blessing, we of course said "yes" and had the rep. and my visiting teacher's hubby give her a blessing, it was nice and helped us feel better :o).  Around 9:30 we had a surprise visit from our buddy who lives upstairs above us, he hung out until visiting hours were over at 10:00.
Daddy got me out of the hospital last night, he insisted we leave for dinner. Since they kick all parents and visitors out between 7:00 and 8:00pm it seemed like a good time to take off for a minute since they wouldn't let us be with Miss K anyway. We went out to Ruby River, it was a nice meal without kids :o) and it definitely felt good to get out of here for a minute.

My Heritage Makers team is getting me out of the hospital tonight. It's our annual reunion this weekend, I already wasn't going to get to go because I was having a baby but at the time I realized this I was going to be home with a new baby and my little family. Thursday I realized I am literally 2 minutes away from the Reunion location. Talk about frustrating! I wanted to go so bad and have been so disappointed that I was going to have to miss it this year. I got a Facebook message last night from one of my HM team members asking if I could sneak away last night at 5pm for team dinner, sadly I didn't get the message until almost 6pm :o(. Today I got a text message from my director asking if I could sneak away this evening for the banquet, she had talked to the HM president and told her my situation and the president was so awesome, she told my director she could dig up a ticket for me to come join them :o). So tonight I'm going to try to make myself as presentable as possible and I'm hanging out with my HM gang for a little bit :o). We got Miss K to take a bottle yesterday from Daddy without any fuss so I'm not worried about her getting fed, Daddy will stick around and feed her while I'm away :o). I'm excited, I can't wait to go.

A few things I miss: (I may think of more later, lol!)

My son
My bed
My bathroom
My shower
Decent toilet paper
My home
Home cooked food
Snuggling with my Hubby

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