Home: 2 Weeks After Release From PCMC

We've almost been home two weeks and I have to say it's been a very long 2 weeks.

Miss K is doing great, we had a two day stretch this week that kind of worried us though. She started going into SVT more often, not going more than 10-12 hours between episodes sometimes less, and she started getting harder to convert out of it, twice we actually had to use the ice pack on her face (See Physical Maneuvers). But she's done really great otherwise. We're not sure why she was going into it so often out of the blue but we are sure she was hard to get out of it because she has allergies, just like the rest of us, and has had a slightly congested nose. I think the congestion was preventing her from taking a deep enough breath to come out of the SVT. She is awake and alert a lot more often, smiling more and more, and very strong, she can hold her head up very well and for long periods of time. She has such a cute little personality :o).

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