Primary Children's Medical Center 8-28-11

Last night we had 2 more episodes of SVT. The first was during her bath, she came out of it on her own within 12 minutes. The second was just after I put her to bed for the night, I went to step out and get myself ready for bed but as soon as I pulled the curtain to leave she went into SVT, she had gotten the hiccups, which are notorious for making her go into SVT. She didn't want to come out of it but I finally got her to by blowing in her face, it also made the hiccups go away :o), she was in it about 25 minutes or so. After that she calmed down and went to sleep. I was exhausted, I don't get much more than a few hours of sleep at night here. But Miss K was on a 2 hour feeding schedule last night, she usually goes 3-4 hours and only wakes up to eat because we wake her up, she was really good at waking herself up last night. So I got maybe 3 hours of sleep total. I'm beyond exhausted now, and naps here are pretty much impossible with all the Doctors and nurses popping in and out constantly.

I got to talk to the Cardiology team as well as the PICU pediatric team this morning, they came in together for the first time ever, which I immediately took as a good sign :o). The Cardiologist is very comfortable with keeping Miss K off the Amiodarone drip and moving her upstairs to regular care, YAY!!! The pediatricians are a little more skeptic but they realized it was the Cardiologists call not theirs since she's really not their patient and she's completely healthy and stable in every other way besides her heart :o). So the Resident said she would put in the order to have her discharged from PICU and moved upstairs :o). I'm so excited! The only thing that I didn't like hearing was that the Amiodarone drip stays in babies system for about 7 days and that in about 4-5 days is when we'll know if the oral Amiodarone is doing it's job taking over effectively. They did not say if that means they will be keeping her here for another 4-5 days or if they'll send her home to be monitored closely by me?? They did say that if she's great after that many days then they've done their job, if not then they'll up the dose of Amiodarone for her. So as of 2:00pm today we moved upstairs to the 3rd floor! I'm so happy to be out of PICU! But, our room is a lot smaller than the first 3rd floor room we got, and we don't have a bed in here, just the same old chair that makes into a very uncomfortable bed but it's much, much better than PICU!

Daddy bought a heart rate monitor and we will be hooking her up to it here while she's on their monitor so we can see if there's any differences in the way they work so we can work it out and know exactly what to do at home to read it correctly.

So we're on to the home stretch, I feel home calling my name and I'm sure I'll be able to answer it for good in a few days :o). Let's hope Miss K feels the same, lol!

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