Missed a Dose of Propanolol again :o(

Yesterday, Sunday, was a day out of the norm for us.  We were out of town visiting family all day and really none of us felt very good, probably due to the heat and also due to lack of sleep for some of us.  My phone that I depend on for telling me it's time for Miss K's medication had also died.  I don't realize how much I depend on that thing for Miss K until I don't have it lol. 

Daddy, Big Brother, Miss K and I got home from visiting around 8:30pm and went straight to bedtime routine.  It was during this time that I realized I didn't remember giving Miss K her afternoon dose of Propanolol.  I thought really hard about it and within minutes I knew for sure I hadn't given it to her.  So after a bit of deliberation I decided to give it to her right then, by this time it was almost 9:00pm.  I was worried about breaking our great SVT free streak we've been on, I'm so proud of her for not having any breakthrough episodes in so long!  So after working some numbers in my head I decided that if I got myself and Miss K up at 3:00am and gave her another dose it would hopefully counteract her missed dose earlier the day before.  And of course we will pick right back up on the normal routine today as though nothing ever happened.

The 3:00am wake up went amazingly well.  I worried that I'd have to wake her up to give it to her and then maybe wouldn't be able to get her back to sleep without some time and patience but when I went into her room I decided to try giving it to her while she slept.  It worked like a charm :o).  She swallowed each amount I put in her mouth and didn't even really move or fuss about it.  I left her room having given her a complete dose and she was still sound asleep.

Now here's to hoping it works and we don't see any SVT in the next few days.  You can bet I'll be checking her a few times a day for a bit just to make sure.  Hopefully I'm not back on here reporting breakthrough episodes.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, Miss K has an appointment with her EP Cardiologist.  This is the day he plans to take her off of the Amiodarone.  I'll update with a new post the first chance I get!  Until then...have a wonderful week everyone!

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