It's Been a Sad Month...

Since my last post almost a month ago recognizing Miss K's 1st birthday we have had a lot of sad news from the heart warriors world :o(.

I started following quite a few heart warrior babies via Facebook when Miss K was born.  It's sad that it took having a heart baby of my own for me to realize what a large heart baby community there is.  I started showing my support to a few of my favorites that I found on Facebook.

I'm sad to say that on Miss K's birthday my day actually started out with tears as I read on Facebook that Baby Pierce had passed unexpectedly in his sleep :o(.  I was broken hearted over his sweet Momma's loss of her Heteratoxy warrior.  Pierce fought long and hard and made it barely past his first birthday.  I had been following Pierce since January when I found his page through another heart warrior.

Today I got on Facebook to check up on another favorite heart warrior Liam Lyon whom I have been following since about November 2011.  I was shocked and sad to find the most recent status update saying that "Liam has his wings and Heaven has a new angel, that bright shining star up above, Liam has changed us forever. Fly high baby boy - so many friends there waiting - until we see you again, Grandma Nanci said it best - we're shattered. Your support has been overwhelming and we read many of your postings to him so he knew how much he was loved. We still BeLiEvE in Miracles."  Again my day started out in tears :o(.  Another baby lost to a CHD, Liam had Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome that was complicated by a surgery gone wrong when he was just a few months old.  Liam was one strong little Lyon and he fought long and hard to stay here with his family.

My prayers go out to these two sweet families.  I pray for comfort and peace through their losses and hope that they know their precious baby boys are with their Father in Heaven, healed and whole again watching over them and feeling their continuous love.

For those of you who read this blog I ask that you please keep a third baby heart warrior in your prayers today.  Miracle Ryker whom I have been following on Facebook since his birth in early spring of this year.  Ryker has Heteratoxy.  Ryker and his family are from Northern Utah and amazingly I sat next to his parents in Primary Children's Medical Center one day as I was there for a Cardiology checkup for Miss K, they were there for another of many many fetal echo's on their unborn son.  I feel a connection to this family that I cannot explain.  About a month ago I saw some beautiful family pictures that a photographer donated her time and talents to take of this wonderful family and their son and I fell in love with them.  This brought on a crazy idea that I decided to run with, I contacted the photographer and asked her if she would be willing to release the photos to Ryker's mother to use on my website Heritage Makers, she said yes with enthusiasm :o).  I got on my Heritage Makers account to see how much HM money I had in there that I could donate to Ryker's family and found there wasn't much there but I so badly wanted to have a canvas donated to them for those beautiful photos so I got on two of my upline leaders Facebook pages and asked for help.  The amount of responses was amazing to me and I was able to pull together $220 to be used on Heritage Makers between me and quite a few other Heritage Makers consultants.  This is plenty for Ryker's family to have more than one canvas or a book or two to go with their canvas.  I am excited to say that upon contacting Ryker's mommy, Rachel, to let her know what I wanted to do for her she jumped with joy.  She checked out my website and fell in love and couldn't wait to get started.  Within a week or two I received a phone call from Rachel herself thanking me for the donation and asking for all the details on how to get started on creating her canvas.  We ended up chatting for over 45 minutes talking about our babies and relating experiences.  It turns out Rachel was also born with SVT!  She didn't have it corrected until quite later in life, after finding that the SVT was irritated during labor and delivery of her daughter.  She went in and had a Catheter Ablation done and hasn't had SVT since.  She was very understanding of Miss K's condition and she offered her support and encouragement to us, she wanted to make sure I knew that Miss K would be OK and would live a long healthy life just like she is :o).  Rachel is such a sweet person :o).  Maybe some day I can meet her in person...I can hope right? :o)  This family needs our prayers today because Ryker is having a tough time, I don't have any details right now as the family is very occupied and hasn't had a chance to update on Facebook but when they say he's having a rough time and could use all the prayers he can get he must really need support.  Please pray with us that he will stay strong and pull through like every other time.

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  1. I have been following Liam on FB also but I didnt know that he had passed till I saw your post. We got good news at my daughters cardiologist appointment but hearing about him just breaks my heart.