The holidays got me distracted, Miss K's official 1 year SVT free date was actually December 22, 2013.  We decided to get Christmas and New Year's over with before we celebrated this wonderful milestone with our little girl.

Tonight we had a "1 Year SVT Free" party for Miss K.  Just something very small, a quickly tossed together cake and a small group consisting only of our little family, my parents and my sister and one of my brothers.  Nothing special other than the cake, which did not turn out the way I wanted it to due to a bit of bad luck this evening starting with Daddy using the wrong box cake (I had called him from the store and asked him to get it mixed and ready for me to bake when I got home, he grabbed an angel food cake rather than regular yellow cake from the pantry lol), then when I got home I realized the gel pen I bought was clear rather than colored so it barely showed up on the pink frosting.  But it was all more than worth it seeing Miss K's excitement over the giant PINK heart cake and the candle she got to blow out :) not to mention the cake and cherry chocolate ice cream were delicious anyway :).

Just 6 more months...all we need to do is make it 6 more months SVT free.  In a little more than 6 months Miss K will be 3 (wow, makes me want to cry), if she has been SVT free for 18+ months her EP Cardiologist wants to talk about lowering medications to see if she still needs them.  We have her 6 month follow up scheduled for March 4, we'll learn more about "the plan" then.  I pray we will be able to tell him she has been SVT free for 14+ months when that date comes.  I'm so proud of our beautiful little girl and all she has been so strong through!


  1. I have been reading your blog for the past hour now. I am amazed I haven't seen it before now. My 22 month old daughter just had her ablation in January this year. She has pjrt and was immune to all medications in a sense. By the end she was on amiodorone propranolol and digoxin. Very scary to go through. There is still a chance it will come back over time but we are hopeful. Thanks for your blog!

    1. So happy you found us :) and so very happy to hear of your daughter's, hopefully successful, ablation! I pray her SVT does not come back :).