A New Routine

Miss K is finally cutting teeth :o).  And since her first tooth tried to come through it came to my attention that it is now time to start thinking about taking care of those precious teeth.  I found out how bad compound medications are for teeth :o(, and to top it off Miss K needs flavoring in her Amiodarone, said flavoring is actually just regular snow cone syrup, packed FULL of sugar :o(.  We're giving Miss K a double whamy so to speak, her teeth are doomed :o(.  So we've added a new step to our routine.  Immediately after administering any of her medications we are now brushing her gums with a baby tooth and gum cleanser kit.  Luckily Miss k likes it, she thinks it's funny :o).

At her 6 month Well Baby check up her pediatrician prescribed vitamins with fluoride in them, he did the same for my son when he was 6 months, it's something our pediatrician likes to do for breastfed babies to makes sure they're getting what they need.  We're going to be VERY diligent getting Miss K to take her vitamins however we can so that she can get the Fluoride to keep her teeth strong.

Here's to hoping we can protect her little teeth from rotting out of her gums because of the Amiodarone and flavoring!

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