A Visit with an Ophthalmologist

The eye center Miss K's Cardiologist referred her to couldn't get her in until April, her cardiologist wanted her seen ASAP.  I made the decision to get the name of a Pediatric Ophthalmologist from Miss K's Pediatrician instead, hoping they could get her in sooner, and was in luck, they were able to get her in within the week.  Today was the day.

I was a little nervous about seeing this Eye Doctor, I had no idea if he would know anything about the medication Amiodarone, or if he would know what he was even looking for.

Now that the appointment has come and gone I'm still not sure the Doctor knew what he was looking for, he knew quite a bit about Amiodarone surprisingly.  The appointment only took an hour, that was including waiting 30 minutes for Miss K's eyes to dilate, this seemed odd to me since the eye center her Cardiologist recommended said Miss K's appointment would take 2-5 hours???  The Eye Doctor took a few minutes to look at Miss K and then told me he didn't understand why I was there, he said she was too young for us to know anything about any side effects showing in her eyes and that he didn't think there was anything to worry about with her.  He then asked if I had any personal reason to have her seen by him, of course my only reason was because her cardiologist wanted her seen ASAP.  So this Eye Doctor's plan is to look up Miss K's Amiodarone ratios (her dose to weight ratio and the milligrams to milliliters ratio of her compound mix) and see what the clinical outcomes say about the possible side effects in the eyes, he said if there was anything relevant to Miss K's situation that he'd call me, otherwise she's fine.

Now I'm trying to decide if we can cancel Miss K's scheduled appointment in April with the other eye center or if I should keep it for a second, possibly more informed, opinion.  I'm not quite sure what to do...I really feel that Miss K's eyes are just fine, but I want to make sure my feelings are correct and today's eye doctor didn't really help me out here.

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