Medications, medications, medications...

That seems to be the story of our life.  "Has (Miss K) had her Amiodarone today?" is always asked by Daddy making sure I am on track and me helping Daddy to remember when he's being Mr. Mom for the day.  "Did you remember to give (Miss K) her Propanolol?" another question asked by me or Daddy at the end of the day.  "Don't forget to give (Miss K) her Amiodarone at ____ oclock and her Propanolol at _____oclock." is what I have to tell Daddy and/or any other sitter (if there ever is a sitter since we never leave her alone with anyone) when I'm not around to make sure it's done myself.  Whenever I need to be away from the kids during a medication administering time I am constantly sending text messages to the adult in charge of my baby making sure she was given her medication, that it was the correct dose, that she took it well, and that everything else seems to be going OK.

This week has been a medication issue as I've found that for the 3rd month in a row we are 2 days short on her Amiodarone...what gives?  How is it I'm paying for a 30 day supply and the bottle says there is enough for 30 days but at 28 days we are completely out?  Go figure.  I called PCMC's pharmacy and asked them these questions, they couldn't tell me anything.  Their records show that they are giving us a 30 day supply for 6ML's a day so they don't understand it either.  I was told I need to bring the bottle in with me so they can see what's going on, seriously how is an empty medication bottle going to help them solve this puzzle?  Oh well...the point is we will be out of Amiodarone this Thursday instead of Saturday.

Which leads me to our next problem.  Miss K has an eye appointment on July 2nd, that's this coming Monday.  But she's going to run out of her Amiodarone on Thursday.  This means 2 trips down to PCMC within 4 days of each other :o(.  We really can't afford the fuel to do this with our F-350 diesel engine truck, the only vehicle we have.

So I called the EP Cardiologist today and asked what I could do to not need to drive down twice...amazingly he was very understanding about it.  I thought maybe we could just give her a bit less than the normal dose all week to make the rest of it stretch until Monday but instead he suggested we use it all up, every drop, giving her the exact prescribed dose and then when she runs out he said to just skip the next few doses until we can make it to the pharmacy.  But I was given strict instructions to get right to the pharmacy on Monday, fill it and give her a dose immediately.  I am so relieved to have that figured out.  I am kind of leery skipping 2-3 doses but I'll do it since the Cardiologist suggested it.  He was OK with it since he's taking her off of it in a month :o).

On a side note, we had another SVT episode this evening :o(.  Miss K was acting kind of out of sorts and was reddish in the face so I asked Daddy to check her heart and sure enough she was in SVT.  She came out of it quickly though, which is great :o).  It seems she may be having more and more episodes per month though :o(, I sure hope this does not mean taking her off the Amiodarone will be an epic fail...

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