Teething Pain...

And SVT :o(.  This post was meant to come out on Monday (6-18-12) but things have been crazy around here so writing it up is as far as I got lol.

I swear every time we go through teething Miss K has more episodes, she has such a hard time dealing with severe pain and I'm now finding that pain causes her heart rate to go up and if the pain is bad enough it causes SVT :o(.  Tonight we took the kids out to the pool to swim for a bit before bedtime and while we were out I could feel Miss K's heart beating quite fast so I closed my eyes and placed my hand over her heart and sat and "listened" with my hand, it was obvious she was in SVT :o( so I had to tip her back (yes right there in the pool lol!) and blow in her face, it only took one try and she was out of SVT (see Physical Maneuvers).  Apparently she wasn't in it very long (she has a history of being harder to get out of SVT the longer she's in it) and apparently it wasn't a very bad episode as she didn't act much different than her usual self.  But still it was an episode :o(.

I guess we need to prepare ourselves to deal with at least 1 (quite often 2) SVT episode each month from here on out, because that's what she's been averaging since January.  Hopefully the older she gets the less we'll see, with any luck we may get to a point where we'll only see breakthrough SVT when she needs a medication adjustment instead of just randomly without explanation, or in today's case because of some type of discomfort or pain.

Other than teething pain Miss K has been doing wonderfully since our last update :o).  She is finally deciding to crawl, mostly, and loves being able to get around easier than she could rolling.  She is also quite feisty and full of mischief.  When anyone does something she doesn't like she shakes her hands at them, gives a dirty little look, and yells "uh!" it really is quite cute though we hope she doesn't keep the attitude past this cute baby stage ;o).  When eating she is known for pushing our hands and the spoon away from her face and yelling "no!" when she's not up for another bite, another cute attitude from her that we hope doesn't stick.  She's also an adorable flirt and can get any stranger to look her way and comment on how cute that baby is.  She has her Daddy, Big Brother, Grandpa and one of our good buddy's wrapped around her little finger very tightly, all four of them would do just about anything for her.

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  1. I love reading about your little girl. Fighting sick kids is a mom's greatest challenge. You are handling it with grace my dear.