A Spontaneous Hypothermia Condition...

Episodic spontaneous hypothermia: a periodic childhood syndrome OR Spontaneous Periodic Hypothermia and Hyperhidrosis:  a Possibly novel cerebral neurotransmitter disorder.

As if Miss K really needs something else going on with her.  Seriously, why my little girl?!  It's not fair.  A few weeks back I posted about a crazy little episode (Find it Here) Miss K had, when she woke up cold as ice, body temperature of 94 degrees Fahrenheit, sweating profusely, heart rate in the low 50 BPM's, listless and pale, in a room that was at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  Since then we've been to her EP Cardiologist who did not agree that her symptoms could be heart related in any way (Read Here), I was concerned and put on my Mommy Advocate, Research Guru Pants and started combing the internet.  It took a few tries to find anything worth looking through, my first search of just symptoms brought up a whole list of websites to comb through, none of them making much sense to me, I changed the search to include her age and gender as well as all symptoms and just 3, that's right just THREE, websites came up, all 3 made more sense than I wanted them to.  I found a diagnosis.  But my diagnosis was, obviously, self diagnosed, as well as found on "Dr. Google", I'm not a fan of self diagnosing especially through Google searches so I printed everything I found  to take to our Pediatrician a few days later when we went in for Miss K's 3 year Well Child Exam.  I'm beginning to really like our new Pediatrician.  He compliments me constantly on what a great advocate I am for my daughter, and he is always thanking me for being so informative, knowing so much about my daughter's condition, and for giving him new stuff to research (not that our old Pediatrician wasn't the same, he really was great about that stuff, I'm just happy to have found another one who is of the same mind).  So when I brought the information about Spontaneous Hypothermia he did not reprimand or belittle me at all, he thanked me, he read what I gave him right then, and he decided we needed to research it further from a medical standpoint because it all made sense to him, he felt there was a strong likelihood that this was what Miss K had experienced.

Since that visit with our Pediatrician Miss K has complained of her head hurting a handful of times, and on those days she wakes up seemingly fine and full of energy but within an hour or so she goes downhill pretty quickly, telling me her head hurts and laying around on the couch all day, her naps on these days vary between unusually long and unusually short and miserable.  We've had these types of days many, many times in the past 2 years but until recently she's never complained of anything hurting her, I assume this is only because she couldn't tell me what was hurting because she was too young to understand.

Yesterday I had to take Miss K in to the Pediatrician yet again, this time for what I suspected to be a Urinary Tract Infection or something along those lines.  This is her second possible UTI :(.  I was pleasantly surprised when the Doctor came in and immediately wished to talk to me about my findings about Spontaneous Hypothermia.  He explained that this condition is Migraine related, it's a type of Migraine that typically affects children but can sometimes affect adults too.  He explained that he's almost positive Miss K has a rare Migraine condition that we've never caught symptoms of before because she's taking Propranolol, which is not only a heart Arrhythmia and Blood Pressure medication but also a Migraine suppressant, he feels the Propranolol has been suppressing any and most signs of Migraine.  When I told him about her past off days and her added complaint of her head hurting it only confirmed his suspicions.  He has requested some medical journals not available to the public and is going to research them when they arrive, he also has a friend who is a Pediatric Neurologist, supposedly one of the top PN's in Utah, he highly recommends her, once he has researched the journals he plans to contact this PN and ask her opinion, he says he's more than sure she will wish to consult with me and Kimber as soon as possible and he suggests we do so.  He talked about starting her on a Migraine medication immediately but I told him I'd rather not just yet, I want to be sure we're treating what we think we're treating before pushing yet another medication into her tiny little body.  Though his main concern is the future, when we do finally get to take Miss K off of all her heart medications and have a, hopefully, successful catheter ablation done, we will be taking her off of the Propranolol, which is likely suppressing any Migraines she may be experiencing, this could mean trouble for our little girl, she could end up slammed with major, unbearable, Migraines due to being without the Propranolol.  We all know this is not happening for at least 2 years but it will happen and we do not wish to put our daughter through such pain and discomfort :(.

To say I'm scared would be an understatement.  This isn't right.  It isn't fair.  We'll keep updating as we know more.

As far as the main reason for our visit yesterday goes...that's another thing of bad news :(.  Miss K had blood in her urine but all other in office tests came back negative so he's sending it in for a culture to see what is going on.  She's obviously struggling, she's using the bathroom at least 15 times in a 30 minute period and started complaining her back hurt the day before, she cringes when she tries to potty and she barely dribbles each time :(.  If the culture comes back with bacteria growth then we'll know we're treating a UTI or other infection, she is currently on an antibiotic to clear up whatever is bothering her.  But if the culture grows nothing we will have to go back in and do another urine test, if there's still blood then there's something else going on that we'll need to investigate.  And on top of all this she's constipated, which, if she does have a UTI, may be the cause of it, so she's been put back on a daily dose of Miralax, something we haven't had to do since she was just over a year old.

 We can use all the prayers we can get right now.  Our little girl is dealing with some tough issues :(.

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  1. So sorry. Praying for Miss K and for you to stay strong.
    Hugs, Julie&Ellie