Keeping The Kids Healthy

Hey all! I hope everyone is doing great! I can't believe it's already fall! With kids now in school and a raging, terrible virus going around, how is everyone doing keeping well?

Just thought I'd share my choices for keeping the kids healthy this year, so far so good ***knock on wood***!

2 Daily Kids Multivitamin
2 Daily Kids Omega 3 with DHA vitamin
2 Daily Kids Immunity Vitamin
1 Daily dose of Root Beer Belly Probiotic (you get it from my website www.laceeclayburn.my90forlife.com)
I run an Essential Oils diffuser 3 times a day for 30 minutes (first thing in the morning while getting kids fed and ready for school, as soon as the kids are home from school, and just before bed while we read), it contains To Be Well Essential Oil from my website (www.laceeclayburn.my90forlife.com)
I bought each of my school kids an Essential Oil diffuser necklace to wear out in public and at school, I put one drop of To Be Well inside it.
Every night I put a drop of Ravensara Essential Oil (also found on my website) on each of their feet.
I wash the kids school clothes with a few drops of Deep Cleanser Essential Oil (also found on my website) in the wash cycle.
And each of my kids has a bottle PureWorks Antibacterial Foam from my website in their backpacks and have been instructed to use it A LOT, we also have one of these bottles in each of our cars and we all use some as we get back into the car from any public place we've visited. I chose PureWorkes over handsanitizers you get in stores because PureWorks keeps your hands germ free LONGER and it is 100% natural so I'm not putting harmful, nasty chemicals on my kids hands for them to (very likely) lick off .

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