Breakthrough SVT...

...in Church!  Yesterday was not a very good day for us.

It's no fun dealing with SVT away from home but dealing with it away from home and in church is even less fun!  We weren't even in our own church ward (at home), we were visiting family for a baby blessing therefore attending church in Daddy's sisters ward, 2 hours from home.

The episode started about 10 minutes into the meeting, we have no idea what set it off all we know is when it started because she started screaming frantically for no apparent reason and I had to take her out into the hallway where she was pretty much inconsolable.  We decided to wait it out and see if she could convert on her own, seeing as we didn't have any ice bags to treat her (See Physical Maneuvers) and Daddy did try to blow in her face and then tried tipping her upside down out in the hall during the meeting and neither of these methods worked.  She was in SVT through the whole hour long meeting and not liking it, all her vitals stayed perfect but she cried and cried from pain :o(.

When the meeting was over we all headed over to Daddy's sisters house for a luncheon.  Daddy and I gave Miss K her afternoon dose of Propanolol in hopes that it might help break the SVT.  We waited 15 minutes, as long as we dared, but she was still in SVT.  So I broke down and asked my sister in law for a frozen bag of peas.  Daddy and I took Miss K into a quiet room away from everyone and sat down to do the ice treatment.  Miss K did pretty OK with it this time, it's so tough doing this to a baby that's old enough to get her feelings hurt over us doing something so mean :o(, she cries huge crocodile tears and is hard to calm afterwards :o(.  But it did break the SVT and she was great the rest of the afternoon.

I'm so glad she sees her EP Cardiologist tomorrow!  I have a huge feeling these past episodes have been a sign that the Amiodarone is truly out of her system now (click here), not a bad thing at all just that her body is now in a place where it needs to get used to working with just the Propanolol.  I think we may end up adjusting her Propanolol dose tomorrow to accommodate for the lack of Amiodarone as well as a bit of weight gain since her last dose adjustment.

I'll update again tomorrow!  Keep us in your prayers, we're hoping her EP Cardiologist doesn't think she needs to be on something new, or worse, back to the Amiodarone.

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