Starting to think...

the Amiodarone was doing a bit more good than bad for Miss K :o(.

We had yet another unexplained SVT episode last night.  It's always terrifying to pick Miss K up and be able to feel her heart practically beating out of her chest, I really doubt I'll ever get over the terrified Mom part of this!

We waited it out hoping that maybe, just maybe this once she might come out of it on her own but we didn't get any such luck :o(.  Her EP Cardiologist still does not want us letting her stay in it for more than 10-15 minutes at a time before breaking it using a Physical Maneuver.  I dreaded using the Ice last night so I tried blowing in her face, then hanging her upside down, when neither of these worked I told Daddy to get the bag of peas out.  But while Daddy was digging in the freezer I remembered another Maneuver the nurses had taught us, one I've never tried before because of Miss K's herniated umbilical, since that has healed I just forgot about this one.  This maneuver forces the person to "bear down", like they're trying to have a bowel movement or, in the case of a pregnant woman, like they're pushing a baby out during labor and delivery.  You gently tuck baby's knees in and then gently roll them up to their chest pushing gently, but firmly into their body.  Miss K went red in the face and cried out and then I released her, waited a second and listened to her heart and she was just fine!  I hope this one works the next time as well!

I'm getting nervous, Miss K is starting to have her breakthrough SVT more and more often and it's getting harder and harder to break :o(.  Hopefully we can stick to the Propanolol.  And hopefully we can make it 6 months before going back to the EP Cardiologist.  After last night I'm not setting my hopes too high though, we may end up scheduling an appointment within the next month or so if she keeps having more and more episodes.  And there is a possibility the EP Cardiologist might put her back on Amiodarone or he may suggest trying Flecainide, like we talked about a few months back.

We could sure use all the prayers we can get that Miss K will get out of this little "rut" and get back to being SVT free again, without help from more medications.

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