Miss K is 14 Months...

We had Miss K's 14 month Cardiology check up today.  It went great!

Her EP Cardiologist was concerned about her latest episodes.  Knowing Miss K was experiencing high fevers and missed 2 consecutive doses of Propanolol at the time she had 3 SVT episodes in one day made him feel a bit better, it's always good when we have a reasonable explanation as to WHY she was in SVT.  But the other two breakthrough SVT episodes she experienced, the one about a month ago and then Sunday's "fun" experience concerned him a bit.  He also isn't happy with the fact that nothing except the ice treatment is breaking the SVT, and that she has not ever converted back to normal rhythm on her own.  His first statement was "I don't want to put her back on the Amiodarone", to which I of course replied "NO!  We don't even want to think about that."  Upon discussion we decided Miss K really is just showing us that the Amiodarone is officially out of her system (click here)and that she has outgrown the dose of Propanolol she is currently on.  She has gained 2 pounds since the last dose adjustment so that makes perfect sense to all of us.

Miss K is now taking 3.2 ML Propanolol 3 times a day (up from 2.8 ML 3 times daily).  So much for hoping to get her down to twice a day instead :o(.  But the good news is the EP Cardiologist does not wish to see her again for 6 months, the longest stretch we have ever taken between visits!  This is a good sign :o), not to mention good for our budget lol.  Any concerns we may have in the next 6 months, or any new breakthrough episodes we feel need to be addressed can and will be done over the phone with him, as well as any dose adjustments.

My favorite part about this visit...the EP Cardiologists reaction when he first walked into the exam room :o).  Miss K was standing in the middle of the room with some toys and his eyes got big and a bit teary and he said "Oh my, is this really (Miss K)?  She has grown up so much!  She is getting big way too fast.  How old is she now?"  I told him she's 14 months, he replied "No way!  I just want to keep her little, I keep thinking of her as 9 or 10 months old, is she walking?!"  He was amazed when I told him she is indeed walking...and talking...and growing up way too fast.  He kept repeating that she was growing and changing way too fast for him and how sad it is that we can't just keep them tiny forever, he kept reminiscing about his first visits with her and how tiny and adorable she was, and of course he never failed to mention how adorable she still is ;o).  It's wonderful to have a Doctor who cares this much about his patients.

So much for our plans to take Miss K off the Propanolol in 6 months or so...Today the Cardiologist made it sound as though she may be on it for at least another year :o(.  This PJRT is really kicking Miss K's behind, They call it "persistent or Permanent" with good reason.

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