HaPpY DaNcE!!!!

Miss K had a hard weekend.  She had a high fever for 3 days and was just miserable but had no other symptoms, we were clueless as to what she was fighting.  And as always, the fever caused SVT...twice.  We made it 2 weeks without SVT and we were so happy!  And then it ended with 2 episodes in 2 days caused by a fever.  I wasn't worried, didn't think I'd even count these episodes and certainly didn't plan on calling the EP Cardiologist to tell him about them.  But Saturday night Miss K had a suspicious lump appear on her leg, where she had recently gotten a vaccination shot.  I wasn't sure if it was her Chicken Pox Vaccine or the MMR Vaccine but seeing this made me quite sure that was the source of her fever for whatever reason.  We waited and watched Miss K through Saturday night and all day Sunday.  She happened to wake up Sunday morning fever free and feeling great!  But the lump was still there, bright red and suspicious looking.  Monday was much the same as Sunday but I decided to call her Pediatrician anyway, they got us in to see the physicians assistant early in the morning.  The PA was a bit concerned about the lump and the fever but when I told her about the SVT she grew the most concerned and opted to go chat with our pediatrician about what to do.  It turns out the fever and the red lump on Miss K's leg were related, it was a perfectly normal reaction to the MMR Vaccine and nothing to worry about.  But the pediatrician was very concerned about the SVT episodes.  He said that clearly the Digoxin was not working and that this weekend was a good trial run to let us know sooner, rather than later, that Miss K needed to be back on the Amiodarone ASAP before she caught a nasty virus.  Apparently there are a few really nasty cold and flu viruses going around town and he's seen way too many cases with extremely high fevers and horrible symptoms.  He was worried about Miss K dealing with actual symptoms of a virus as well as a fever and SVT on top of it all and predicted finding her hospitalized because of complications.  He ordered me to call the EP Cardiologist that day and tell him about our weekend.

So I worried.  And I called the EP Cardiologist as soon as we got home.  I also cried and stressed.  I was certain Miss K would be fine and that SVT with a fever was just her normal.  Something we can't control. Period.  But the pediatricians reaction had me doubting my instincts.

It took 2 days for the EP Cardiologist to get back with me.  He finally called me himself thank heavens.  His reaction:  Miss K is fine.  The Digoxin is working in his opinion, it's a great sign that we made it 2 weeks SVT free after such a long stretch of weekly SVT episodes.  The fever induced SVT means nothing to him.  He said it's to be expected with a PJRT child.  He did not need to be reminded that while on the Amiodarone Miss K was having SVT with fevers.  He feels that no matter what medication we have her on she will still have SVT with a fever and it's not something we can control at all.  He did mention that putting her on the Amiodarone would help to better control the SVT but he doesn't feel it's necessary, the risks of being on it far outweigh the risks of not being on it.

I cannot even begin to describe my feelings while I spoke to this wonderful man!  I instantly teared up hearing that he knew Miss K was fine.  It was such a relief to be told Miss K will not be hospitalized any time soon and that the Digoxin is more than likely working just fine.

I admit...I did a happy dance...a rather embarrassing happy dance ;o).  I'm glad I was all alone to have my moment of celebration so as to avoid being laughed lol :o).

Here's to a long weekend with family and feasting, worry free!  I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family, friends and happiness!

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