Newborn Heart Defect Screen Awareness Day

I had big plans to post something new about today all day long to get the word out there but with 2 busy kids this was put on the back burner lol.  So, since we're already 1/2 way through the day I'll stick to just one post.

This is a quick video about Newborn Pulse Ox screening.  If you or someone you know is expecting a baby please watch and share this!  It could potentially save a little one's life.  Pulse Ox screening is very simple, very non-invasive, and very quick.  There is no reason NOT to do this for our babies.

I don't remember if I've mentioned here that we are expecting our third baby in February.  Yes, quite a shock for us!  Our little family of 4 is growing to 5 in just a few short months!  I have done tons of research and after having 2 babies already I know what I want and what I expect at the birth of this third precious one.  One thing is certain:  I WILL BE ASKING...NO, DEMANDING...THE NEWBORN NURSERY PUT A PULSE OXIMETER ON THIS NEW LITTLE ONE WITHIN 24 HOURS OF BIRTH.  I don't expect to deliver another heart baby, this one should be perfectly healthy and fine like it's big brother but you absolutely can never be positively sure about this.  I am terrified of taking a new baby home without knowing that the Pulse Ox test is perfect.

Please watch this video :o), save a baby's life :o).

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