Miss K is 15 Months

Time sure flies...I wish we could hit pause for just a bit and keep them little a bit longer than they tend to stay little on their own :o(.

Miss K is doing well.  She had her 15 month Well baby exam today with her Pediatrician.  She now weighs 18 pounds and is 30 inches tall, seems they are a lot more accurate with these measurements than the Cardiologist is ;o).  She is perfectly healthy and developing right on track in every way.

Her Pediatrician was concerned about the frequent SVT episodes.  I have been putting off calling the Cardiologist hoping that they will stop with time but she is still having about one a week.  The Pediatrician told me to call today.  He's worried that the longer we let her heart go into SVT regularly the harder it is going to get to control it with medication, he's afraid her heart is going to get in the habit of SVT episodes :o(.

So I put a call into the Cardiologist as soon as we got home.  I'm waiting to see what he says to the nurse, so far I've talked to her and let her know what's going on and she has yet to call me back, I will update this post as soon as I know what we're going to be doing.  Hopefully we just up the Propanolol a bit more first before he suggests anything more aggressive.  Stay tuned!

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