Surgery Day 12-7-2016 Update #2

They just took my heart away.  It's so hard letting them carry your child off.
Projected time is 4 hours give or take. They'll call us with an update ever hour.
Dr. P is wonderful, he has watched our little girl grow from a newborn and treats her like his own little princess, I'm sure he'll take very good care of her.
They'll go into the right side if the heart first and hope the pathway(s) is there, if not they'll check the left, which is more difficult but doable.  He's hoping to freeze the pathway(s) but burning is also possible.  In about an hour they will be all prepped and done with the first step, an EP study that will hopefully show them where they need to be, then they should give us an update letting us know what they have found before they begin.
We're feeling your love and prayers, thank you :).

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