Surgery Day 12-7-2016 Update #6

Kimber is doing really well.  She downed a slushy in less than 30 min and begged for more, she has been cleared for food and requested Ramen Noodles but the nurse won't let her have those while laying completely flat so she had to settle for Mac and Cheese, I hope she eats it better for them than she does at home.

She's on flat bed rest for another 3.5 hours, they'll do an EKG to check on things around 3 and then we should be going home around 4.  She's a fighter, and very stubborn, she wants to sit up so bad, we've had to forcefully lay her back down a few times.  The worry is bleeding too much from the entrance sites but luckily for her Dr. P was able to just use her veins and didn't need an artery to get to her pathways so the risk of bleeding is a bit less than it would have been.

Right now she is watching one of her favorite movies, The Hobbit, yes it's a love of hers, her bonding thing with Daddy, she is happy as can be at the moment.

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