Surgery Day 12-7-2016 Update #7

We're home!  Kimber ate and drank everything in sight happily.  Nothing held her back from leaving.  They came and did an EKG around 3:00.  The second the machine turned on I knew it was different, I have never, ever seen an EKG like it from Kimber.  It.Was.Perfect.  I cried, and asked for my own copy, the girl didn't understand at first, she kept saying "it's Ok!  It looks really, really good!" I explained that I knew that and that was why I was crying, I was just unbelievably happy.  We were released soon after that.
The next 2 days kimber has to take it easy, nothing over exerting.  Then for another 3 days she just has to refrain from sports and exercise (aka riding bikes, climbing, running).  None of this is for her heart, her heart is absolutely fine, it's just for her incision sites.
We see Dr. P for follow up in 8 weeks then he won't see us for a year, after that if she's doing well he's done with her!

Kimber came home to a Get Well card that her kindergarten class made and sent home with Big Brother.  It was so sweet and she was so excited.

Here are some fun pics from today.  Including the wonderful, perfect EKG.

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