2 Breakthrough Episodes in 2 Days?!?

Last night Miss K had another SVT Episode.  We have absolutely NO idea why, nothing happened to set it off :o(.  Sporadic episodes are WAY worse than episodes brought on by something.  It's not good when we can't explain why she's in SVT.

How did I know to check on her heart last night?  She was acting kind of out of sorts, still wiggly and very active and happy but a little clingy and acting restless.  I picked her up and put my ear to her chest and just knew.  We tried to count the beats with a stethoscope but it's nearly impossible to keep count with a wiggly baby.  Just like last time I'm guessing her heart was buzzing at about 20 beats per every 5 seconds, calculating to about 240 BPM.

It only took a second to get Miss K out of SVT this time, the first physical maneuver I tried was blowing in her face and it only took one time.  When we checked her heart again it was beating slow and steady again.

I'm torn, I don't know if I should call her EP Cardiologist or not.  Two episodes in two days isn't a good thing, especially with this last one being unexplainable.  I can't decide because we know exactly why she went into SVT earlier this week, and we did accidentally skip a Propanolol dose on Sunday so I feel it's mainly based on the missing dose.  I don't know if it takes a little while for the body to get back on track after missing a dose or if these episodes may be a sign that we need another medication adjustment...So do I call today and let the EP Cardiologist know?  Or do I wait and see if she has anymore unexplained SVT?

It's times like this that it sucks going through this for the first time ever, sometimes I just wish I had experience with it already and always knew exactly what to do and when/how to do it.


  1. Hello, really wanted to reply sooner but life has been manic. Theo went into his SVT again a couple of weeks ago and we took him straight to A and E, while they were placing the canula he actually cried himself out of the SVT. That is the first time ever that he has got himself out of it. Like you say its so hard when you haven't been through it and every time feels like the first time. I would let the cardiologist know as like you say it could be the medication. Everyone now believes that its Theo's temperature that sends him into an SVT episode, whenever he is ill it always happens, and the routine seems to be he grows, he gets ill and they up his medicine. It would be nice if they could up the medicine with his weight gain without the illness!! I think the hardest thing with the SVT's are that there are no hard and fast rules, every child is different and it is dealt with differently by every doctor :s I hope Miss K is doing well and you are all coping. We have missed a dose also and I felt like the worst mum in the world but we are only human, please don't feel bad. Thinking of you all :)

    1. Miss K has gotten herself out of SVT a few times. I'm sorry Theo has had SVT again :o(. I'm so glad he got himself out of it! It's such a good thing when they can do that, it's a huge relief to know that it is possible :o). Miss K tends to have SVT when she's sick as well, though she has never run a fever so we think it's because of the pain, she doesn't have a very high threshold for pain and I think her intolerance of it causes enough distress that she puts herself into SVT. It seems Miss K has to get sick so that she has an episode to make the EP Cardiologist realize she has grown enough to need a higher dose, otherwise he won't up it if she hasn't had episodes. It is crazy how different each and every child/person is! It really makes ANY heart condition tough to deal with :o(. Miss K is doing great :o), I'm quite sure it was the missed dose that caused her SVTs last week. She had another episode last night but I'm not counting it in my book because she was in and out of it VERY quickly and her heart wasn't racing much faster than 200 BPM so it really wasn't "True SVT", she went in and out of it so suddenly that I didn't even have time to feel panicked. I'm sure it was brought on by choking on the Tylenol I gave her, she tends to do that sometimes no matter how hard I try to prevent it. I hope you guys are doing well!