Breakthrough SVT Epsiode

I think I may need to make a chart and place it in the side bar of this blog to keep track of Miss K's SVT episodes.  I always hope we're done with them when it's been a bit since the last one, but apparently we're in this for the long haul :o(.

Miss K had another SVT episode last night.  This one was brought on by fright, seriously she got startled and scared badly enough to cause SVT :o(.  I'd like to blame her Daddy but I just can't, he didn't know any better, and I'm sure he learned a valuable lesson from it for the future.

Daddy likes to vaccum, yes that's right DADDY likes to vaccum lol.  Last night he decided to vaccum the carpets.  Apparently, and we hadn't noticed this until last night, he has never vaccumed with Miss K sitting in the same room ever before.  Somehow he has managed to do any vaccuming when Miss K is with me either out running errands or in her room nursing.  Daddy decided he better warn Miss K that the vaccum was starting so he WOULDN'T scare her, it wasn't a good idea.  She was sitting quite near to the vaccum when Daddy said in an urgent tone "(Miss K!)" just trying to get her attention because she was very involved in playing with a toy, then "(Miss K!) Daddy's going to vaccum K?  I'm turning it on K?" and then he turned the vaccum on...Miss K jumped bigger than we've ever seen her jump, she flailed her arms frantically and held her breath then she started screaming frantically like someone (or something) had caused her great pain.  I rushed over and picked her up to soothe her and she was instantly fine.  She is not afraid of the vaccum, usually.  I run the vaccum all the time with Miss K right there on the floor and she doesn't even notice most of the time, but that urgent tone of voice her Daddy used to catch her attention set the tone that what was going happen was going to be frightening.  I listened to her heart with my ear instead of getting a stethoscope and it sounded fine to me so I didn't go get the stethoscope out to double check.  I should have though.  We went through normal bedtime routine of feeding her cereal and getting the tub ready when I felt I should check her heart again, this was almost an hour after her scary vaccum encounter.  Miss K was in SVT, I couldn't count it though because she was so wiggly and active I was lucky to have 10 seconds at the most with the stethoscope on her little chest, if I had to make an educated guess I'd say her heart was beating at about 20 beats for every 5 seconds, that's about double her usual 10-12 beats in 5 seconds.  I did some math and as inaccurate as it is I worked some numbers and I'm figuring she was beating around 240 BPM.  I first tried tipping her upside down, this did not work so I tried blowing in her face, another difficult feat with a wiggly and active baby.  After 2 attempts at blowing in her face (and I was sure there was no way it had worked) we check her heart rate again to find it beating a nice slow and steady pace again.

I'm disappointed.  Miss K's Cardiologist said he'd only consider taking her off the Amiodarone on her birthday IF she made it from her 8 month check up until her 12 month check up completely SVT free :o(.  I was hoping to get to cancel her 10 month check up since the Cardiologist suggested we skip it if we felt she was doing great, but I feel if she's still having episodes she needs to visit him and make sure everything is still OK.

Watch for a new chart on the sidebar if I can figure out how to make one...

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