Breakthrough SVT...again...and again.

Now the tally is 4 episodes...that's right 4!  I didn't post about the last one because it seemed insignificant to me at the time, it was last week either Wednesday or Thursday, I can't remember which.  She was in and out of SVT so fast I didn't really have even a second to panic.  I had just checked her heart rate for the night and it was perfectly fine.  I gave her her evening Propanolol, she choked on it a bit, I checked her heart rate again, it was rapidly beating around 240 BPM or so, I blew in her face, checked her heart again, and she was back to a steady 107 or so.  It was that fast.  But now I'm adding it in our "Breakthrough Tally."

Last night she had her 4th episode in 2 weeks :o(.  That's more than she's had in such a short period of time since she was first released from the hospital.  I had worried about her all evening since about 5:30 when she fell asleep in my dad's arms at a family party, one second she was awake and giving everyone snuggles and the next second she was just out cold, no amount of jiggling and talking could wake her.  We put her in the car seat to head for home.  I checked her heart rate just in case, since it's not normal for her to fall asleep in anyone but Mommy's arms and especially not so easily or so soundly.  She was fine, beating slow and steady.  We got home around 7:30pm.  We let the kids relax and be happy outside for a bit then we started bedtime routine.  Miss K was a little restless through her feeding, etc. but I attributed it to a messy diaper.  After her bath I checked her heart rate, I was quite surprised to hear it racing I really didn't expect it.  I had to blow in her face 3 times before it slowed.  The whole time Daddy was saying "Are you sure she's in SVT?  There's just no way you're right.  Look at her, she's fine!  How can she be in SVT looking so good and smiling and giggling at us?"  Yup, that's Miss K for you!  She doesn't show signs she's in it, other than seeming to be a little more restless and wiggly than normal, which she was last night but like I said she also had a messy diaper and those drive her absolutely nuts.  We have no idea what put her in SVT, it was quite obviously a sporadic spike in her heart rate without a cause and like I mentioned in my last post about an episode those are the worse breakthrough episodes.

I'm still sure the missed Propanolol dose on Mother's Day was the cause of the first 2 episodes she had.  Now I'm also pretty sure she wouldn't have had so much of an issue without that dose if she was on a high enough dose.  I think she's due for another dosage adjustment.  She has her 10 month Cardiology check up a week from today so I'm not going to call them, the last time I called so close to an appointment they advised us to stick to our appointment date and they had her EP Cardiologist adjust the Propanolol dose over the phone.  We mine as well wait it out this time, I don't feel it's worth panicking over when we can get her out of the SVT at home on our own and when she's acting so normal when she's in it.

All these months we've stayed consistently hopeful that she would grow out of her PJRT.  We kept telling ourselves "she's only ___ months old it can still happen we have plenty of time" but now that she's 2 months shy of 1 year old we're not so confident.  Her EP Cardiologist warned us in the beginning that if she didn't out grow it by 1 year then she wasn't going to outgrow it.  She's proving to us that her little heart is going to be extremely stubborn and refuse to work correctly without medication and future surgery :o(.

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  1. Dang it! I was hoping she would grow out of it. Poor mom and dad!