Miss K has Eczema.  She's had it since her first week officially home from PCMC.  And believe me, it's not just small patches here and there, like my son and I have, it's very large patches on larger body parts.  Her worst area has always been her upper back and shoulders, when not treated effectively it gets looking pretty awful.  She also gets it fairly bad on her chin, neck and cheeks.

After weeks of using one thing after another on her, trying to at least make her comfortable, I found Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Cream accepted by the National Eczema Association.  We had tried Baby Aveeno Soothing Relief Moisture Cream that is a bit cheaper than the Eczema one and it seemed to only make her worse.  After just 1 day of the Eczema Therapy cream her skin looked SO much better, after a week it was like she didn't have Eczema at all, as long as we rub her down with it at least once daily that is.  This cream is not cheap.  I've been purchasing it at WalMart, paying about $11.00 for a 7.3 oz tube that only lasts about 3 weeks.

I'm currently looking for other options.  If there is anything out there that could work as good for even a little bit less the cost I would LOVE to know about it.  We have made 2 recent attempts with new creams since finding the Aveeno.  Attempt #1 was homemade cream that my mom found a recipe for, we thought it would work as well or better since it is quite greasy and makes your skin smooth and soft instantly keeping it smooth and soft for 1-2 days after only one application and the total cost to make enough to last about 2 months was about $10.00.  It didn't work for Miss K :o(, after just 2 days of applying once daily her Eczema was back with a vengeance, I swear she was having an allergic reaction to something in the cream as well as an Eczema outbreak.  I quickly went back to using the Aveeno, and just like I expected, her skin cleared up after just one day.  Attempt #2 I am currently trying, it's called Good On Ya' Skin Treat given to me by a friend I work with.  She doesn't remember where she got it, she bought it for her son who has sensitive skin but he wouldn't use it and she's had it for at least a year just sitting in her cabinet.  She gave me this cream to try in hopes it will work.  The problem is I looked up the website to see pricing because she couldn't remember what she spent on it...OMG, it's NOT affordable.  I REALLY hope she did not spend $60 on this 9 oz container.  Hopefully she can remember where she got it so I can go price check there if it works.  So far we are on day 3 of using it and her skin has stayed clear and glowing, I won't be surprised if does end up working, it's because it costs so much, she's turning out to be a very expensive little girl.

My newest concern though is a rash she has developed under her chin.  It started out to be 2 or 3 pencil eraser sized spots close together then grew to about the size of a dime within 24 hours and looks a lot like bad Eczema.  It has been a week since it first appeared and in that week it has spread and has so far not responded to any creams I have on hand.  As of tonight it is now covering a quarter sized area under her chin and has progressed to the right side under her cheek and down her neck, it's now in her two creases in her neck and there are new spots appearing on her upper chest just at the base of her throat.  I'm almost sure it's Eczema but I am a little worried about it since it has so rapidly spread, the lack of response to my usual (and some new) creams and ointments is a little worrisome as well.  I have given this rash one more day to clear up and used one of my last few options on it all day long, it only seemed to get worse as today progressed though.  Tomorrow morning I'm hoping her Pediatrician will be able to fit her in, I'd like for him to look at it and make sure it is Eczema, and then I hope he can give me some new ideas for treating this new outbreak.

Note:  I typed the above late last night and rather than change anything I'm just adding here, I took the pictures this morning and noticed the rash has moved to her right cheek and the corner of her right eye, what was on her neck and chest appears to be worse than it was when I put her to bed last night.  I contacted her Pediatrician and was able to schedule an appointment for her this afternoon.

These are the best pictures I could get of Miss K's chin:


  1. Sick kids stink. I mean it is enough of a burden the worry and the sadness you feel for them, but they empty all your saving too. We just spent all morning with specialists and I think a 15 minute conversation without exam cost me $450 out of pocket. uggg :( Sam had excema too for a long time. We even saw a specialist for it. I bought every cream ever and nothing really seemed to make a big difference. Really the only thing we found that worked for us was Eucerine the super thick white stuff in a tub from the drug store. repeatedly- though it took a while and grossly enough- not bathing him, or using soap. I was in the habit of bathing my kids every day or two. When we took it down to once or twice a week it really seemed to help. Good luck. These adventures with sick kids really are no fun. I'm sure you'e tried those things. We had too, and when they didn't work I started just desperately buying every cream ever, only to have them all not work and coming back around the the basic tub of Eucerine and no baths. Years later he only occasionally has a spot or two on his legs and cheeks.

    1. Eucerine is one we have not tried yet, I think it'll be next on my list :o). We tried skipping baths but that only seemed to make her worse. Her Pediatrician told me she needs the bath daily to keep the old dead skin off so her good skin can breath and contain the moisture better. It's amazing how what works on one person can be totally wrong for another! Hopefully somebody has tried something that will also work wonders for Miss K.
      I really hope you guys can get Sam figured out soon!
      It's crazy what we'll do (or pay) to make/keep our children healthy right? At least we can be assured it's all worth it just to see them happy and smiley because we care so much about them :o).