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Monday we went in for another eye appointment, this time with a different Ophthalmologist.  I felt we needed to see someone else since I wasn't satisfied with the first Ophthalmologist's opinion.  I liked the first Doctor, he was very nice and talked and flirted with Miss K and made us feel comfortable but I didn't feel he knew enough about Miss K's situation.  He also felt that I was there on my own fears and that I was overreacting about Miss K being on Amiodarone, even after I told him that Miss K's Cardiologist had sent us in.  I felt like his assessment was very short and more geared towards making me feel better instead of really checking for any possible signs that the Amiodarone may be affecting her eyes (see Side Effects).  When we left his office I decided to keep the appointment that we had previously made with another Ophthalmologist (when I had called to make the appointment they couldn't get her in for 2 months and her Cardiologist and I wished to get her in sooner, thus the reason we saw someone else).

The Ophthalmologist we saw this time was GREAT.  Turns out he knew the first Doctor we saw and he was kind of surprised I was getting a second opinion from him but after I explained that I did like the Doctor but I didn't think he really knew enough about the situation then he understood and was more than happy to do a second assessment.  He was great with Miss K and very fun to talk to.  He did a little more in depth assessment of Miss K's eyes and gave her a clean bill of eye health.  He was so much more understanding about our fears, he works in a Children's Hospital and sees the worst of the worst so he's a lot more careful about what he's looking for, he knows the absolute bad that can happen.  He also knows Miss K's Cardiologist so he knew I was there on "Doctor's orders" not my own fears.  He has requested we bring Miss K back in 3 months if she's still on the Amiodarone so he can keep a close eye on her, though he's not really concerned about Amiodarone side effects in her eyes, he says it's VERY rare in infants and small children especially if the child's family has no eye disease in the family, but like I said he's seen the worst of the worst so he's more than happy to watch her closely.

I'm so relieved to hear that her eyes are great, the Ophthalmologist was actually quite impressed (and I think excited) to see her perfect eye development, that makes a Mom fell great :o).

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