Eye Exam Review Letter

We recently received the review letter from the Ophthalmologist Miss K saw earlier this month.  I was impressed with the Dr. for making sure I received a copy for myself, and also relieved since he got one thing wrong, a very important thing...he sent a copy of the letter to a family Dr. who IS NOT Miss K's Dr., they pulled the wrong Dr. from their list.  Her Dr. is Dr. Larson, with an "on", they sent her letter to a Dr. Larsen "en".  Now I have to call the Eye Dr. tomorrow and ask them to please re-send the letter to her Pediatrician lol, yes I did lol because even though it's a bit frustrating it's also kind of funny in an ironic kind of way.  Most funny to me is this other Dr. Larsen "en" is probably wondering who the heck this (Miss K) is and why he's receiving this letter lol!  Anyway, here's the letter (I liked what it said so I'll share).

Dear Dr. Pilcher,

Thank you for referring (Miss K).  As you know, (Miss K) has supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) and it sounds like the exact cause is not known.  She is currently being treated with amiodarone and propanolol.

Her eye exam was normal without evidence of corneal verticillate or any optic nerve abnormality.  Indeed, she had excellent fix and follow vision, briskly reactive pupils, and a normal cornea, iris, lens, vitreous, optic nerve, and retina OU.  She was quite cooperative for her eye exam too.

I will screen her again in approximately 4 months to continue to follow her progress, but I do not see evidence for ocular toxicity.

Warmest regards,

David C. Dries, MD

My only other correction, not really a big deal and I'm not calling anyone about it though I will make sure at her next eye exam that I "remind" him about it, was his opening paragraph.  I specifically told him at her eye exam that Miss K has PJRT, a condition that causes SVT.  I find it odd that he didn't catch (or maybe didn't understand) what I said.  It's clear he's not in the heart profession lol!

So good to know exactly what he thought of her eye exam from his professional point of view :o).

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