Eczema Infection Update

As I said in my last Eczema Update, Miss K's Pediatrician looked at her chin and determined it was an infection.  I have been applying her prescription ointment, Mupirocin, 2-3 times per day as well as  Hydrocortizone.  We are seeing great results!  Her chin and neck look SO much better!  The  Eczema is still there, but it's no longer red and puffy instead it is a yellowish color and smooth, it's nearly invisible now.  We'll keep applying both ointments for another 5 days or so to make sure it's really gone.  I'm so relieved to see it improving so quickly though, I was really dreading another oral antibiotic.

Now Miss K's big brother is battling a bad Eczema outbreak.  He's never had much of a skin problem, the worst we've dealt with is Hives when we try to use any baby wash or lotion other than Johnson and Johnson.  Last week he developed a patch of Eczema on his face, at the top of his nose just near his eye.  I treated it with Bag Balm and it cleared up within a couple days, now it's just a dry spot without redness or an itch.  Over the weekend he developed a bad Eczema outbreak on his bottom, the backs of his thighs and in his groin area :o(.  Bag Balm and A&D did not work so rather than try everything else in the cupboards I resorted to Miss K's Hydrocortizone cream, so far it's doing OK but not clearing up as fast as I would like it too.  I'm just hoping it clears up and goes away without further treatment, if it seems worse or just the same by the end of the week I'll start applying Miss K's prescription ointment, as their Pediatrician gave us 2 refills and suggested I try it on Big Brother if I felt the need too.

I don't know if it's the extreme weather changes (highly likely) or if there is something in our water but these Eczema outbreaks are really getting ridiculous.  My poor babies are suffering with the "itchies" and really not liking the burning and stinging effects of the Hydrocortizone :o(.  Hopefully we can get it figured out and all cleared up soon!

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